Tuesday, November 30, 2010

flying saucer wheel

I woke up hungry this morning and felt good about it. Today I'm continuing on with this new resolve of restriction and conscious eating. Today will consist of mostly Thanksgiving leftovers. :) Thanksgiving was very low-carb and healthy.

I drove to the pet store after work last night with the furry midgets in mind. I wanted to get another wheel since one of them is much more dominant than the other and hogs it, leaving the little shy guy to sit in a corner and get fat. I was afraid the pet store might close at 6 but no worries, they are open until 9pm, sheesh.

I bought a flying saucer wheel which I talked myself into after reading some reviews about the habitat we'd initially purchased and how the wheel could potentially pop off. Eek. Cro looked it over again when he got home and reassured me that it is on solidly and there shouldn't be any danger of it falling off and letting the critters roam free. Anyway, the flying saucer wheel confused them for a bit. It lays mostly flat like a little cupped turn table. After a few chance encounters they realized it was fun and went to town. So fun to watch! Since I haven't been able to film my guys yet I'm posting a video from youtube that shows a couple of Roborovski hamsters (the kind I have) on a 5" saucer wheel (also the kind I have, it's the smallest wheel).

Tonight I think we'll watch the season one finale of Heroes. Many friends tell me that the series goes downhill after season one. :( I hope they are wrong. I'm loving it so far.

I just got off the phone with mom, she left a serious-voice voicemail. The kind where you know something is wrong before you even call her back. Well, it isn't as serious as her voice sounded but she told me that my sister doesn't like hamsters. Grrrr!!!!! And isn't allowed more than one pet at her apartment anyway. Grrr!!!!! Okay, so I've already spent $150 bucks on the little dudes, habitat, toys, bedding and food ... and now I have to get my sis a different gift. I guess this is good and bad. I really like the little guys but no, I didn't expect to have to keep them. *cry* *worry* *cry* oh well. Cro and I will love them. I think my sister is going to get a puzzle or something non-animate for Christmas after this ... no more animals! What a bummer.

Hmm, hamster names ... I'm thinking "Percy" for the overbearing one and "Mr. Jingles" for the repressed little sweetie pie. Suggestions?

[8 carbs] eggs and cheese and pecans (not together)

[4 carbs] turkey
[2 carbs] cheese

[11 carbs] probably bacon and eggs and cheese

Total 25 carbs


  1. Tell your sister that now she doesn't have to get you a present; THAT can be your present to her!

    As for names, I don't see why you can't name them both "Jack" (you could call one "Jackie" so you wouldn't get 'em confused)

  2. lol ... unfortunately I always get her 3 or 4 times as much as she gets me so hmm, wait 3 or 4 x 0 is ...

    na, I'll get her something that she'll like. I'm just pissed that I'm stuck with Jack-n-Jackie cute-n-stinky critters.

    na, I luv them. Buddy cat luvs them too but on a whole different level.

  3. I like the names percy & mr jingles... perfect names... and from my favorite movie.

    Can you return them to the pet store or sell them via a bulletin board in the pet store?

  4. I like Percy and Mr. Jingles too. :) And odd as it may be I don't want them to have to be separated or go to people I don't know. Besides, I doubt a stranger is going to want to buy a used (however briefly) habitat. I dunno, I'm just inquiring of a few friends who have kids and posting for my facebook friends. I have a feeling that Percy and Mr. Jingles have already found their home (with Cro and me). They may have to become my diet blog mascots if I can get them to settle down for photos. :)


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