Wednesday, November 24, 2010

non-judgemental love

I'm so excited about Christmas!! :) Thanksgiving break starts tomorrow so 4-day weekend, woohoo!! I called mom this morning to find out what the pet restrictions are at my sister's apartment. Well I first asked if she has a rice cooker and though mom said she doesn't she also said that my sister wouldn't use it. *sigh*

So next question was regarding the pets and if she thought my sister would enjoy a couple of dwarf hamsters with habitat. Mom said "oh my she would be THRILLED!!!" And so now I'm thrilled. :) I'd like to get the hamsters soon and begin a routine that will accustom them to being handled. I know the first thing my sister will want to do is to take them from their cage and hold them. Since Roborovski hamsters are fast little buggers that could be bad news for the unprepared. I also need to pick up a care book so mom can be informed as well.

The thought of how happy my sister will be is making me smile right now. :) In case you guys have forgotten or are new to my blog, my sister is developmentally challenged. Pets are a source of non-judgemental love. Outside of family that can be hard to come by.

[0 carbs] bacon
[3 carbs] cheese


[5 carbs] pecans
[15] LC ice cream (and then I promised no dinner if I have ice cream and no ice cream on Thanksgiving day)

Total 23 carbs


  1. Rice cooker.... or dwarf hamsters....
    It always come down to this,
    in one form or another.....
    Dwarf Hamsters win!
    Must be the Muskrat Love !!

  2. If you need any hamster recipes, I've got loads. ;)

    Happy T-giving, T.

  3. bing bing bing! Hamsters <3 low carb. yay! Rice cooker is full of carbs, boo.

    Jack, no eating the hamsters!
    Happy T-giving, J.

  4. Woah! I wanna be your sister! Hamsters for christmas is an awesome gift!

    You made me remember when my sister gave me a fish aquarium and fish for christmas the year she left home. It was so cool!

  5. Now that's the Christmas spirit! Lovely to see. :-)

    Just wanted to drop by to wish you and Cro all the best on Thanksgiving. I'm grateful to know you and count you as a friend, Oct.

    Mad and I will be bringing a few low carb side dishes (creamed spinach and roasted cauliflower) and a stevia-sweetened pumpkin cheesecake to our family get together. It'll be a bigger family gathering than most years. Here's hoping all goes well. It's always a crapshoot!

  6. Donna - I adopt you as my blog sister. *hugs* I'm excited to think of how excited my RL sister will be about the hamsters. :)

    JP - Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mad too! The family gathering sounds wonderful and I wish you both a great time and lots of good memory-making. It's fun to know what low carb dishes you will be bringing to share. It's fun to see how many people love the things made low-carb and don't even suspect those things help us enjoy the holiday without compromising our health.


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