Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Inspired by oopsy rolls and wanting something more substantial to eat last night I made a trip to the grocery with oopsy chicken pot pie on my mind. I knew I wanted to use roast chicken but wanted it sooner and simpler than roasting one myself. I thought of getting a bucket of grilled KFC but ended up buying one of those "astronaut chickens" (roasted and put into a clear plastic bubble) from the market. It worked out sooooo deliciously. Here's what I did:

First I made one big oopsy roll out of four egg whites whipped stiff with a dash of cream of tartar and a dash of xanthan gum, four egg yolks mixed with 12 ounces of cream cheese (which I realized later should have been MUCH less cream cheese, it was way too thick) and a dash of salt, folded into the whites, spread on a baking sheet and baked for 34 minutes at 300. The whole batch of oopsy was about 14.5 carbs. It would have been about 6.5 if I'd made the oopsy correctly, doh. I guess it got it's name from the chef making a mistake and saying "oopsy" but my oops wasn't an oops for the better.

Anyway, while that was baking I sautéed one can of vegetable soup with barley (20 carbs for the whole can), a cup of heavy cream (14 carbs),  diced onions (5 carbs), cup of grated parmessan cheese (4 carbs), sliced mushrooms (2 carbs). Then I pulled all of the chicken from the bones and added it into the sautée pan.

Once the oopsy roll was done I used half of it to line a casserole dish, spooned the sautéed chicken with veggies and cream filling on top, layered the other half of the big oopsy over the filling, sprinked it all with grated sharp cheddar (4 carbs) and baked until the cheese was bubbly.

The whole oopsy pot pie adds up to about 63.5 carbs. About 8 carbs per serving if divided into eight. I had a serving for dinner and wow oh yum! Cro had some and liked it too. :) Well worth the time to put together.

On a different topic, the article above is about an art director who was leaving this company just as I was returning. I met him and yes, he was a pretty big guy. The company had even bought a special large computer chair to make his work day more comfortable. An article was recently published regarding his huge weight loss success. Very inspiring stuff. He is almost there and I both cheer his success and am a little jealous too because I'm still struggling. I have another friend who was a very big guy who I never would have believed could do it but is now running 3-4 miles a day and looking great. Inspiration is in the air *breathes deeply*. Yes. :)

none today

[2 carbs] couple of ounces of sharp cheddar and swiss
[8 carbs] chicken pot pie LC style!!! (oopsies for the crust)

[8 carbs] chicken pot pie LC style!!! (oopsies for the crust)

Total 18 carbs


  1. I love success stories like that, esp when there's a connection like that. It makes it all seem so much more possible...

  2. He must have left some inspiration in his big chair (which I inherited) because not knowing anything about his plan to lose weight I started my weight loss only a month after he left and lost 100lbs (and have been stuck for months and months and months). Maybe the article will kick-start me again. :)

  3. Love oopsie rolls and love your determination!

  4. ditto and ditto (though I'd like a side of results with my determination!)


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