Thursday, November 18, 2010

I've been giving some serious thought to digging out my collection of short story manuscripts and starting the submission-rejection-submission process again. I mentioned the guy from waaay back who messaged me to say that he and I may be the only two from our high school who admired Edward Gorey's work. After learning that this guy is also a published sci-fi and horror author I had to check out his facebook and google his name to see what he's written, meaning to pick up a few of his books. I learned that at least one of those publications is in a short story anthology which is exactly what I had been submitting my work to. Well, I aimed for well-known compilations such as Analog, Weird Tales, Spectrum SF and dozens of others. So, I think I will try again. I miss keeping that little box of index cards with story name, submission details, and copies of the rejections. :) I did get one short story published online in an unknown ezine. Here it is if you are curious. Today I would edit it much more, including the title, Cold Love.

More busy stuff to accomplish today and then Friday will be here. Thankfully I forced myself to stay until I had comps ready to submit to the team on one project yesterday. I was a day early so I can concentrate on depleting the rest of my substantial list.

I went to the grocery last night and happened to browse the frozen veggies aisle, thinking of Jack Sh*t's comment regarding frozen trumping canned. I was disgusted by how many carbs many of the smaller "healthy" frozen dinners had, even the ones that looked innocently like nothing but a mixture of veggies could have 30-70 carbs per serving and of course the meal was always more than one serving. Ick. Then I found some cute little Green Giant steam-in-bag meals that are 5 net carbs per serving. I brought one for lunch today. Small size so easy to pack for work lunch and easy to prepare ... just add microwave. :)

[3 carbs] cheese

[5 carbs] one serving of steam-in-bag

probably this:
[2 carbs] pecans
[5 carbs] veggies and ground beef
[4 carbs] cheese
[14 carbs] two low carb tortillas

Total 33 carbs

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