Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I've been reading Stephen King's Duma Key on my new Kindle. Absolutely great book so far. So good that I have been doing not much else but reading after work this week. I need to play me some WoW beta ... it launches on the live server Dec 7th so there isn't much beta time left.

The tasks at work have been more relaxing than stressful this week. A couple of new teeny projects and a dozen or so updates to existing work. That's a nice way to get back into the groove after 10 days of weekend-vacation-weekend relaxation.

I went for drinks after work with several co-workers. It was a fun hour sharing funny stories and connecting outside of the office scene. I had one shot of Patron to start off and a glass of unsweetened iced tea to sip for the rest of the time. I didn't want to get tipsy but still wanted the social interaction and to have a drink in hand. The iced tea was very good! I brought a couple of stevia packets to sweeten it because that's how I roll.

I brought a serving of my LC chicken pot pie for lunch. I still can't believe how well that turned out since I'm often a disaster-prone cook. Since I'm on the topic of cooking, a so-worker that I like very much is leaving the company to more fully experience a new pizza parlor venture that she and her husband started a couple of months ago. The whole place is employed by her relatives ... her husband, her sister, nieces, etc. She has such a great time working alongside her family. I'm going to miss her lots but am so excited for her too (and jealous!). Maybe someday when Cro and I are old we'll have our own thing too. Maybe not a restaurant, though Cro is an amazing AMAZING cook. Chef Cro. :) Yeah. I think it will more likely be something involving reptiles ... or spiders (eek!).

We should all get together and do an LC, healthy foods cookbook or something.

[2 carbs] couple of ounces of jalapeƱo queso blanco cheese

[8 carbs] chicken pot pie LC style!!! (oopsies for the crust)

[8 carbs] chicken pot pie LC style!!! (oopsies for the crust)

Total 18 carbs

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  1. As a restaurant owner myself.... LOL... DON'T!!!


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