Monday, November 29, 2010

no treats!

Thanksgiving holiday is over and Cro and I are back to work today. I spent a moment with the hamsters before leaving this morning. They are so cute that it's going to be bittersweet when Christmas arrives and I gift them to my sister. I'm sure she will love them though. I try to interact with them a bit during the middle of the night or before the sun rises since they sleep all day.

They are crazy when it comes to exercise. I counted 4 straight hours of hamster-wheel time before I went to bed on the first night. The sound of the wheel continued throughout the night and did not stop until the sun came up. I think one is hogging the wheel though so I'll probably buy a second wheel sometime this week.

They have also shown a great love of cheese - ha, so typical. Cro bought some radishes so I think their daily treat will be a small piece of radish tomorrow. We have given them a shred of cheese every day as a treat (just one piece of shredded cheese is a lot for such a little animal). Yesterday Cro had one of them standing on its tippy toes as it tried to eat so quickly. This morning I gave them each their piece but the greedy one ate his quickly and then stole what remained of the second piece right out of the slower one's mouth. :P Maybe I'll have to separate them during treat time if that continues. Their food bowl is always full so it's only treats that the slower one is being cheated of. I suspect that the greedy one is also the one hogging the hamster wheel time so he's working it off.

2 servings at 4 net carbs per serving. Good stuff.
As for me, no treats! Well, I'm sworn to a diet consisting mostly of eggs, meat, cheese, veggies, small amount of nuts and seasoning (salt, pepper, chili flakes, etc) until Christmas. So no more handfull of nuts with low carb ice cream, no low-carb ice cream at all, no Dreamfield's pasta, no Atkins PB cups (I actually gave them up weeks ago), no to a lot of legal for low-carb treats and things for a few weeks. I'm actually quite excited to be so strict again for awhile.

Cro and I watched about half of the first season of Heroes during the holiday break and wow, I'm loving it so far. Unfortunately I'm getting lots of feedback from friends who claim that although the first season is very good, it begins to suck later on. :( I don't want to believe it so I'll probably watch a few past the first season and judge for myself.

*sigh* I'm missing the little rodents. I think I'll dice up a radish to treat them with tonight after work. I read some mixed reviews regarding the habitat I chose for them. Everything from how wonderful it is to how the wheel fell off and the hamsters escaped. Eek, I don't want them to go through that trauma! I'm sure that Cro will give it a good look tonight.

[0 carbs] bacon
[1 carbs] cheese

[4 carbs] one serving of steam-in-bag veggies
[2 carbs] cheese

[4] pecans
[7] ground beef, veggies, eggs
[4] cheese

Total 22 carbs


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  2. ah! I deleted my comment by accident!

  3. boo! I think you said something about liking the thought of going back to a strict low carb. Being strict always works best for me but doing it too long makes me surly ... going away from low carb completely just makes me fat (which also makes me surly, lol). So, strict LC for a few weeks and then normal everyday LC for life. :)


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