Monday, November 15, 2010

Very busy. The weekend blew by. My today began at 3am (stressed and worry woke me up). That's just my nature I guess. I finally settled down for another hour of sleep before getting up to start the work week at 5:30. And now, things are breezing along fine and it's almost noon. Yay. Looking forward to being home with Cro. He had to work the whole day Saturday but Sunday was very nice. We spent a few minutes at PetSmart looking at the critters. I wanted to see if they have roborovski hamsters (they did and wow, so tiny and cute!). Cro made clicking noises which I couldn't hope to mimic at a sun Conure — the bird seemed interested in the clicks. :) We also looked at the fish. I like pet stores. A big bundle of puppies of various breeds was set out in a gated ring near the exit doors. I guess they are pushing puppies for Christmas.

Matt and I will be getting together at his place Friday so I can open birthday gifts from him. We'll watch a movie on his new HD setup and have low carb snacks. Matt is trés cool to cater to my LC preferences ... he says he likes it too though.

A guy I went to school with PM'd me on facebook over the weekend to say that he thinks he and I might be the only two people from our high school who like Edward Gorey. I had to laugh because he might be right. Our high school was extremely small — I am from a class of 39 kids and I'm sure there were less than 250 students in the entire high school. Real-life Farmville. :)


[0 carbs] bacon
[4 carbs] 3 mootown snackers and 1 sharp white cheddar snacker

[4 carbs] half serving of a slightly different chicken pot pie LC style (still oopsies for the crust)

Total 8 carbs

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