Friday, November 12, 2010

Was seriously busy yesterday, too busy to post! E-Gad (however that is spelled). Here is what I ate yesterday:
Lunch: [6] mushroom and swiss with no bun and a couple of bites of steamed broccoli from Scotty's Brewhouse
DINNER [8 carbs] chicken pot pie LC style!!! (oopsies for the crust)
Total 14 carbs

Today still very busy. Tomorrow will be the sux since Cro has to work. :( My Kindle will keep me company until he gets home.

I made another oopsy roll chicken pot pie last night. Since I made the oopsies correctly and used different ingredients for the filling (used what I had in the pantry) the counts are different from the last one.

Oospy chicken pot pie:
oopsy roll crust made with 4 eggs and 3ish-oz cream cheese (6 carbs)
roasted chicken (0 carbs)
Chunky chicken noodle soup (30 carbs)
half cup of heavy cream (7 carbs)
mushrooms (2 carbs)
cup of grated parmessan cheese (4 carbs)
queso blanco cheese (4 carbs)
grated sharp cheddar (6 carbs)
Total 59 carbs for the whole casserole, 8 servings. About 7.5 carbs per serving - I rounded up.

[6 carbs] macadamias and almonds

[14] bunless burger, cheese, broccoli and a 1"x1" piece of Holly's going away cake. Will miss you Holly!

[7.5 carbs] a slightly different chicken pot pie LC style (still oopsies for the crust)

Total 27.5 carbs

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