Tuesday, December 7, 2010

resident zoo exhibit

Back to work after the scary tumble down the stairs. I'm the resident zoo exhibit today I think. Everyone wants a peek at my smashed-up head. The swelling is down quite a bit so I'm not too bothered. I still have a giant bruise down the side of my head but with the design of my black eye it's a little like wearing the mask of Zorro, or ... yeah.

Cataclysm is released today and I'm using half a vacation day to get back to the fun earlier. Cro and I were both up at 3am to make our new characters the moment the servers were open with the expanded content. It's fun to see guildies again. :)

The black eye makes me look as though I'm ready to join KISS.
Eggs for breakfast this morning and will likely have a bowl of veggy-beef soup later today along with some bacon and cheese. Nom nom low carb.


  1. Good God!
    Maybe some extra protein?
    Get better soon!

  2. Holy crap! That's quite a shiner young lady. Sorry to hear about your bad fall. I was going to complain about the wicked paper cut I got this morning, but I think I'll keep my mouth shut.

    No I won't. It really smarts. It's right across the knuckle and it hurts every time I bend my finger. I mean, really hurts. Probably every bit as bad as your hurt face. And nobody's making a big fuss about it like they are for you, so in some ways, my injury's even worse...

  3. You could make up your other eye to match and tell everyone that you are a high fashion model for some up and coming new designer.

    Nom Nom low carb indeed! I've already lost 2.6 lbs since Sunday!

  4. If the bruising doesn't stop soon I will be able to tell everyone I'm a California raisin. *_^ It's seriously black and blue (and yellow) on that side from my hairline almost to my mouth now. Ick. People at work said I need to buy Cro a t-shirt that says "I didn't do it! Really!" lol

    Jack, paper cuts hurt lots. Hopefully a bunch of hungry vampires didn't knock each other down in their rush to try and "help" you.


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