Monday, December 27, 2010

Catching up after Christmas break

Cro and I got up early Christmas eve to make the journey to mom's. We were trying to get there early enough that we could do a rushed gift exchange and still be home in time to beat the big snow storm that was projected to begin at 1pm. That made for the briefest Christmas with family ever ... 2 hours. Still, it was enough time for some heart-felt hugs, reminiscing and even time for me to break down and cry for a minute as the pain of missing dad hit hard. Normal I'm sure. Dad's ashes are interred beneath a pear tree that he and mom planted before his death.

Cro and I exchanged gifts Christmas eve as well.

He got me an unbelievably awesome hot and cold water dispenser with ice maker. That thing is larger and nicer than the one we rent at work. Now I have all the ice I need for protein shakes whenever I want it and as a bonus, boiling hot water on tap for teas and soups. Very very cool. My guy has been on the lookout for a new ice maker ever since the old one broke. He wanted one that didn't have the same breakable mechanism and the new one doesn't. I think I'll have ice for years to come. :)

I got him an Apple iPad and believe me, that was the longest I've had to keep such a big secret in a good while. I should have wrapped it in a much bigger box because the moment he felt its weight he knew what it was. Well the secret was kept until the moment before he opened it at least. I think we are both hooked on a touch screen game called Angry Birds now. The gist of the game is to sling shot little angry birds at constructions made to protect the pigs who stole their eggs. There are different types of birds, each with a unique structure-smashing ability. As the structure crumbles around the pigs, porky black eyes and busted teeth result. If the birds are unsuccessful in breaking through in a finite number of sling shots the surviving pigs will give a cheeky smile to taunt the birds to try harder next time. So fun ... and addictive.

It's a four-day week for me and tons of work to do as usual. I'm a bit on edge with a deadline due by end of day Thursday so I'd better get on it.

Cro and I have our 5th anniversary Thursday. I think we will actually celebrate on Saturday since it's difficult to celebrate on a work day. :) It's his turn to pick the place for our date night ...

... we go out somewhere every Saturday and take turns picking the place. We usually pick somewhere where I can easily get a low carb selection. I've found that just about every nice place will accommodate special requests though. I often will order a half rack of ribs without sauce at our current favorite place, for example. The dry rub ribs are extremely low carb. Steamed veggies are good and available in most places too. This week I strayed and got a sweet potato though ... the best selections don't help if I choose to ignore them. It's difficult not to allow excuses such as holidays and anniversaries to have their way. It's a learning process and a never-ending series of decisions. Such is life.

Oh, update on the critters: I think they actually like the new situation where I keep them separated and rotate them after they've been in one place for a full day and night. Cro set up a big plastic tub with high walls and a non-air tight lid as a second temporary habitat. The tub is more spacious than the normal habitat and they have enough toys, hamster wheels, food dishes and bedding to go around.

The only thing I don't have two of is water bottles. After putting a small shallow dish of water in the tub and watching the hamster run through it a couple of times before completely ignoring it as a source of water, I mentioned it to Cro. He informed me that since Robos are a dessert species they will ignore standing water, it is foreign to them. Apparently if there was no source of water other than a bowl the hamster would thirst to death! He suggested that I put an ice cube in the shallow bowl instead. I was amazed to see the hamster go right to it, put its little hands on the ice and stand there licking. It stayed so long I started to wonder if its little tongue was stuck to the ice. :) Nope, he just liked it.

Anyway, that's why I'm alternating the habitat daily. One day they have access to the water bottle and the next day, ice cubes. I will find out today if Scott found a new home for one of them and if not I'm going to call the pet store and see if they will take one back and promise not to euthanize it.

*pet store update:
I called to inquire and got the typical robotic chain store response. No returns after 14 days. Nope, not even if I don't want my money back. The kid did give me the number of a local pet rescue service though. I might give the lady a call but I highly doubt they will take a teeny dwarf hamster without habitat. I guess if Scott doesn't find a willing relative I will be buying a second habitat. Darn Percy!

- Just got off the phone with the pet rescue lady and I think they are going to take Percy! :) I was actually surprised that they would take a hamster after looking at the website which was filled with ferrets and rabbits. Although the lady I spoke with is at capacity she thinks another volunteer who has an extra hamster cage would be happy to take him. They will let me know within the hour. I will only need to pay a $10 fee which I think is amazingly cheap considering they provide safe housing and food until the little guy gets adopted.

- Oh, they've called and I can drop Percy off tonight after work! That was fast and now I don't have to worry. Yay.

[2 carbs] cheese
[0 carbs] 4 slices of bacon
[5 carbs] pack of hot peanuts (left over from the gas station stop after Christmas)

[7 carbs] cauliflower pureƩ
[3 carbs] cheese
[3 carbs] LC cherry yogurt

[5 carbs] LC ice cream
[2 carbs] pecans
[5 carbs] Dreamfield's rotini
[3 carbs] cheese
[0 carbs] 2 slices of bacon

TOTAL 35 carbs for today


  1. Good ol gas station hot peanuts!
    Ah, a true LoCarb fave.
    At least they have a better selection these days.
    I mean, since LoCarb is slowing taking over....
    *evil laugh*
    Glad all is well with you!

  2. Angry Birds is the devil; it's the biggest time suck every created. So long, productivity!

    And happy new year to you and Cro!

  3. I love gas station hot peanuts. Spicy and just the right amount ... plus I don't have to get spices on my hands when tipping the container right to my lips. :)

    Angry Birds is the devil, you are right Jack. I couldn't put it down even though I had to retry one of the levels at least 20 times. Squawk!

  4. Word on the block at work is, don't talk to Donna if she has her iphone in hand... she's going to get you addicted to Angry Birds. Someone told me about it and I tried the free version. I didn't think much of it and finished it quickly. Some time passed by and then the tick started. The only way to get rid of the tick was to play more. I splurged and bought the full version. Work went by the wayside. Food unimportant. Showering of minor importance. I finished the full version just in time for the special halloween one to come out. I drew more co workers into the Angry Birds lair. Then came the Christmas version. Damn those programmers. Don't they know in the time between versions I became addicted to i dig it?? Now my two game addictions are in a war against each other.


  5. now I want to play Angry Birds. And I don't have an iPad or an iPhone!

  6. I think you can play it on any smart phone that downloads apps. Do you have a smart phone? And if not... WHY NOT??? LOL

  7. nope, Cro gets all the cool toys, I have a Razr (and I guess I'll get an iPhone next, sometime).


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