Friday, December 3, 2010

hunger pangs

Going through some added stress and not sleeping well. Facebook message or email if you like because hey, you guys are my friends. :)

The rodents are allowing me to pet them a little as they eat their morning treats. They are a bit jumpy at first but the treat holds their attention and I've noticed their trust in me is gaining strength. They are so cute and so tiny, fluffy and soft. They don't use the new potty as a potty though, so I'm going to clean the habitat and move it to a different corner. I've read that hamsters habitually "go" in the same spot so it will be trial and error to find the place where they will use it.

I didn't wake up with hunger pangs this morning so I decided to not bring a bowl of veggy soup for lunch. On the drive to work I was hit with seriously strong hunger pangs so wished I had packed a lunch.

[8 carbs] 2 walnut and pecan meal bars.

[0 carbs] nothing

[10 carbs] veggy beef soup

TOTAL 18 carbs


  1. Maybe a rodent is just what I need to fill the void that food once occupied.
    Or not! Sorry about the stress....
    Here's a flower for you!

  2. Robs are cute cute cute, Anne. So are those flowers! ✿❀✿❀

  3. I have to learn how to do those flowers w/o c/c/p
    How do you do that?

  4. Anne has the secret. I just copy and pasted from her post. I think they are trés cool too! And hearts.


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