Tuesday, December 14, 2010

black eye & gifts

I braved the snow and got the mail this morning ... it was stuffed full. Me thinks the mailman has been saving it up, lol. Among the junk mail, bills, etc there was a card and a package from SheZug! :) Thank you Donna, I'm still in a state of happy disbelief at all of the thoughtful gifts. A Nevada Wolf Pack t-shirt for Cro, a cute necklace and earrings for me, a pack of kitty treats for Buddy Cat and some cheesy chews for Percy & Mr. Jingles! Thank you so much girly!

Even a girl with a black eye can feel pretty with a new necklace.

I packed a cup of Cro's chili for lunch today. Low carb and a perfect match for such a cold and snowy day. I want to walk over to the book store at lunch but I think I'll assess the sidewalk situation first. I vow not to fall on my butt this winter if I can help it.

My WoW authenticator was in the mail this morning too. Geek toys. :) The authenticator is extra assurance that my account can not be hacked and my character's play money won't be stolen. Plus I'll receive a cute little in-game mini-monster fire puppy for having activated the authenticator. Win-win.

We have a Christmas carry-in at work on Thursday and I think I'll make this Walnut Torte ...  but I will substitute a tsp of cocoa rather than the coffee and will also substitute roasted pecans for the walnuts used to mix into the torte. I'll still top it with some crushed walnuts though. I'll bet it turns out great.

[0 carbs] bacon

[7 carbs] 1 cup of Cro's chili
[1 carb] shredded cheese

[7 carbs] 1 cup of Cro's chili
[1 carb] shredded cheese
[4 carb] pecans with whipped cream

TOTAL 20 carbs


  1. You gotta use this "tough guy" look to your advantage. After I had surgery on my neck to remove what they thought was a tumor (turns out it was only an infection... whew), I had a wicked scar there. While I was playing basketball, the guy guarding me asked me what happened to my neck. "I got in knife fight," I told him. He always stayed an arm's length away from me after that...

  2. That reminds me of last weekend when an old guy knocked on our door. He was lost and looking for one of our neighbor's homes. Cro and I both went to the door and I immediately explained the black eye was from my own accident. After the old man left Cro laughed and said he should have immediately said "Get back in the house woman! ... now what do you want old man?" Cro has a wicked sense of humor like you do apparently. :)

  3. Say "hi" to the babies Percy and Mr Jingles!
    Glad you are recovering nicely.
    Must be all that LoCarb cooking!

  4. Those rodents are so cute. I haven't tried picking them up in my hands yet but Cro did when he cleaned and rearranged their space a few days ago. They show no fear and scramble to the habitat door when they see me and hop hop hop trying to get to me when it's opened. I think the promise of treats is effecting them bigtime!. After the treat is in their tiny hands they don't want much to do with me. I reach out and pet them while they eat anyway. ^_^


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