Monday, December 20, 2010

Snow Miser

I made a video of the teeny hamsters over the weekend using Cro's iPhone in HD. I guess it was too large for a youtube upload so I'll give it another go soon. The iPhone did an amazing job of capturing the entire habitat setting and was so clear. I'm disappointed that the video was too large because I wanted to share their cuteness with everyone. :) I did snap a couple of photos but they aren't nearly as cool as seeing them running around in the entire habitat view.

Cro had a very bad cold all weekend and probably still has it this morning. Hopefully the work day will go fast for him (and for me too!).

I talked to mom this morning and she thinks the weather might be too bad for Jack to visit his brother (so he would be at mom's on Christmas ... awkward). If we get another big snow Friday Cro and I might have to postpone too. I hope we don't have to postpone but that's in the Snow Miser's hands.

I was able to have my hair cut and the highlights touched up Friday. I feel much better with tidy hair. :) Oh, and the bruise is nearly gone ... a few more days of looking like a bruiser and I'll be as good as new.

I finished watching Heroes season 4 last night and I want more! No, I still don't get why so many people disliked it after season 1 ... it's a brilliant, intelligent, compelling story. Here's to hoping they renew it for a fifth season.

Oh no ... it's the end of the day and I feel like crud. I think I'll take my work laptop home tonight and if I feel like this in the morning I just may work from home. I'm surprised that I still have a nose after blowing it so much. My lips are chapped, my throat is sore, my neck joints are achy and I feel feverish and blah. I'm always surprised that I'm not invincible.

[10 carbs] 3-minute muffin with peanut butter

[7 carbs] low-carb tortilla
[2 carbs] ground beef with veggies mixed in and cheese (to fill burrito)

[x carbs] nothing

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