Thursday, December 30, 2010

Indy eathquake

I think Indy had an earth tremor about 15 minutes ago. The office was shaking and I wondered if I should abandon ship for a second there. I'll bet there will be a news report later ... but maybe a bus just hit the side of the building ... that wouldn't surprise me.

Whenever a funny blooper-type situation happens on TV or on internet Cro has started calling out "FAIL" to the tune of the Sail song I posted yesterday. I like it. :) I said it a few times last night too while playing Angry Birds. *heart* the Twitter Fail Whale and *heart* the Sail song.

Today is our wedding anniversary. Five excellent years! The place where I had my LASIK sent a couple of movie passes as a thank you for the business so maybe we'll go see the new Harry Potter movie to celebrate ... or something (not sure what is playing). It's cool that they sent me a little thank you but definitely not necessary ... I am so glad I had this done. Best purchase ever. Okay, my nose job and breast reduction were also great purchases. :P TMI, sorry!

Ha, people on facebook are confirming the earthquake already. 4.2 and centered near Kokomo, Indiana ... which is north of Indy.

Off topic (did I have a topic?) ... the critter is so cute. He's starting to trust me again now that I don't have to scoop him up and swap habitats every other day. I hand feed him treats and even though I know he won't bite on purpose I still feel a little fear as he gnaws on the treat while it is still in my fingers. Those little teeth might mistake me for treat ya know. I let Buddy cat hop up near the open cage door while I fed the critter. He is a gentle soul too and though curious I don't think he would cause intentional harm. The hunter's instinct is not strong in that one.

Cro is going to make a pot of beef stew this weekend ... yum and low carb! A pot of stew lasts us all week. I have lots of radishes that we can add too (since the critter doesn't seem to care for radish slices). Radishes taste like little red potatoes when cooked in stew juices but are so much healthier.

I've become engrossed in a show on MTV called "Teen Mom". It's been on right when I get home for the last couple of nights and like the Jerry Springer Show (okay, not that bad) it was hard to look away.
One of the teen moms would slap, punch and kick the baby daddy ... I guess she was surprised when charged with domestic violence later. My excuse for watching Teen Mom is that a new diet show called I used to be fat was on just after. It is a little like The Biggest Loser but not a competition and only focuses on one high schooler per show. Each episode is supposed to be the story of a fat high school kid who works to get fit and change his-her life before college. Cool show.

And now it's time to bust this work out.

[0 carbs] bacon
[2 carbs] cheese

[5 carbs] Dreamfield's rotini
[2 carbs] peppers and onions
[1 carbs] diced tomato
[0 carbs] ground beef
[1 carbs] cheese

[x carbs]  don't know yet

TOTAL 46 carbs for today

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  1. The building shook cuz they didn't know about the carbs!?
    Maybe every one was running over to catch a glimpse?


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