Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Foster home

I took Percy to his new foster mom last night. I was impressed with her little set up. She seemed to possess knowledge regarding hamsters and coo'd over how cute and small he is. I think her words were "Oh, he's just a baby" ... well, not really, he's a dwarf. I think he has his adult size now but he is still young. She promised me that there was no way he would be used as a feeder (fed to a reptile or spider or such, eek) and I feel confident. Percy seemed excited to explore the new environment of the large aquarium he now has all to himself.

There was also a Sun Conyer (parrot) and an African Gray (also parrot) in the front room of the foster mom. The Sun Conyer is in need of a home so I told Cro about it. I don't know if he will pursue it further but he has mentioned in the past that he would like a Sun Conyer.

My Christmas hot-cold-ice machine had a malfunction last night. I guess the toggle for hot water is not working. We haven't even used it yet. Cro emailed the manufacturer so I hope we can get that repaired. It's too big to send back, all of the packing has already been disposed of.

More later.

It's later and I need to stop daydreaming and get to work.

[3 carbs] LC strawberry yogurt
[3 carbs] pecans

[2 carbs] Atkins PB cups

[10 carbs] Dreamfield's rotini
[4 carbs] peppers and onions
[0 carbs] ground beef
[4 carbs] cheese

TOTAL 26 carbs for today


  1. Have you ever had a pet bird before? A certain Turk I live with is itching to get a bird when we move. I'm not so convinced.

  2. No, but one bit me (not the bird's fault, I shouldn't have put my finger in there!). Cro has had a parrot in past and misses it greatly. I think they are cool, but am also a little scared of being bitten.

  3. I haven't been bitten, but I was attacked by a bunch of lorikeets while on vacation in August. We were at the Aquarium of the Pacific feeding them when all of a sudden they swarmed me. They got tangled up in my hair and while tourists snapped a thousand pictures, the zookeepers plucked them out. They scratched me up pretty good, but didn't bite me. Guess they were mad that I ran out of nectar to fee them.

  4. lol ... that's a real life Angry Birds story!


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