Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Roborovski hamsters

I was horribly sick yesterday ... bad bad cold or something. It felt like someone with a very large boot was standing on the back of my skull where it meets my spinal column ... all day. I couldn't get comfortable, was dizzy and couldn't walk straight when I got up (which I avoided unless I had to use the bathroom), couldn't breath through my nose, couldn't keep down food,  wasn't hungry anyway, time dragged slower than if I were at work, alternately experienced sweats and teeth-rattling chills. I'm back to work today with a raspy voice and still can't breath through my nose but I'm glad yesterday is over.

Two days until we visit mom and Laura for Christmas and so much to do! I think we will make cauliflower mash and Cro's sausage balls to add to mom's Christmas dinner. I might also make that Walnut Torte. I have lots of gifts to wrap. It's hard to concentrate on work today.

My robo hamsters are battling! :( Percy (the aggressive one) was chasing Mr. Jingles around the habitat last night at break-neck speed. I asked Cro if he could give them their treat because I was feeling so crappy. While he had the habitat door open he said "Oh no". Oh no. :( Mr. Jingles had a bit of blood on his back because Percy is apparently trying to kill him. I thought I would take Percy back to the pet store but Cro said they will probably euthanize him. :( That's a lot of frowny faces for one paragraph.

So that means we either make room for another habitat or we find one of the critters another home. Right now Mr. Jingles is living in a large plastic tub. It's actually bigger than his habitat and with the bedding, his own sleeping house, wheel and food dish he seems very happy. We just can't have a big plastic tub in the middle of the floor indefinitely. I talked to Scott (the animal dude I work with) and he is going to ask around and see if he can find someone to adopt Percy. Scott is related to lots of animal lovers. I told him to promise that it wouldn't be to someone who is just going to feed the little guy to a reptile!


Percy really is a cutie pie.

Percy & Mr.Jingles are BOTH cutie pies.
Two little critters sitting in the food bowl

Mr. Jingles has the food all to himself.

A few seconds later and they were both in bed.

[10 carbs] 3-minute muffin with peanut butter

[14 carbs] low carb tortillas and ground beef, veggies, cheese

[x carbs] nothing


  1. Happy Non-reptile eating Holidays to you and the group!
    And many Mousie Circuses more to come!
    Had hoped they could get along better.
    Aptly named from the movie roles!
    They never did get along.
    Percy Wetmore. "Bitemore" is more like it, eh!

  2. Aww, do people back-bite you too Jack?

    Ha, happy non-reptile eating holidays Anne! My Percy is much cuter than Percy from the film. It was rather prophetic that they ended up with those names though. I'll post pics in a sec. I was hoping on the video but it's just too big for youtube I guess.

  3. It was in the script that Percy would try to kill Mr. Jingles. Now it's coming true. Could it be they just don't get along? Maybe Mr. Jingles is annoying. Maybe he peed on Percy earler?? Oh oh, maybe he took the wheel too long as payback and Percy didn't like it.

    and so on and so on and so on....

    I agree, it's hard to concentrate on work with Christmas so close.

  4. It may be that Percy resents having to share his wheel, his foot jacuzzi (they both sit on top of the food as they eat) and home in general. I know they liked sleeping in a cuddly pile (like the Wild Things movie) but when wake-up time arrives it seems to be all bets off.

  5. They are even cuter that in thought.
    Nothing is too big for YouTube!
    Is that a Bugle or a piece of fake cheese?
    Mmmmmm yummy!

  6. It was 150MB hi-def iphone video. Although it acted like it would go I got tired of waiting when it was still trying the next morning. Bugly, hehe. That big cheese-shaped thing is a chew toy that Donna bought the critters for Christmas. :) They walk on it more than chew ... but they walk on everything in there, no time to slow down when you are that tiny!

  7. I didn't even recognize the little chewy thing! What's that green thing to the right with all the little round things inside? Is that food?

  8. That's their food bowl which they like to sit in, so I call it the food jacuzzi. If you click on the first pic (not the video) it will enlarge and you can see that some of the food is shaped like little dog bones. Bones for hamsters? Crazy.


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