Thursday, December 9, 2010

removing the stitches

I'll spare you guys a black-eye update pick and just say it looks pretty much the same. It would be cool to make one of those "Photo a Day" things like the guy is famous for on Youtube though.

Cro helped me remove one of the stitches last night but I had to stop in the name of queasiness. We'll save the rest of them for tonight. It doesn't take much to make me light-headed. I fainted in high school health class after seeing a black and white illustration of a man who's ear had been cut off. Weak. It was part of a much more lengthy first-aid video. I hate to think what would have happened if high school health had played one of those "scare them straight" driver's ed videos of a few years ago. That video still haunts me. As do those "Faces of Death" videos I saw at a sleepover party in my teens. Ick-squared.

It's hunger pang central around here but ultra-low-carb makes me feel ultra good (other than wishing for Christmas so I can have LC ice cream and Atkins PB cups again. All I want for Christmas is frankengoodies. :S

Breakfast and lunch today is Jimmy Dean sausage patties that I grilled up quickly before leaving for work. Topped with cheddar and yumee low carb.

Dinner tonight will likely be a stack of bacon with cheese again.

Cro's work had a catered Christmas lunch yesterday and he actually was able to leave on time for the first time in forever. :) It was a happy surprise to see his truck in the garage when I pulled in. He even had time to lift the midget hammies out of their habitat and give it a complete refresh and remodel! We have found they are too small to effectively utilize the "second floor" shelf of their habitat. Cro removed the shelf, cleaned and reorganized everything and now their 1-story flat seems twice as large. Very cool. I asked if he had to chase them around the cage to pick them up but he said it was no problem. The first thing I did after getting home was to open their door and reach in with a treat. They met my hands with bouncy enthusiasm so I don't think being picked up phased them at all. They are cute little buggers.

Tomorrow is vacation day for both of us. 3-day weekend! My last vacation day for 2010 will be next Friday to make that one another 3-day weekend. The following week is Christmas so 4-day weekend!

I spilled a drink on my desk at work yesterday and in my scramble to get everything out of the way I "found" (I've always known it was there on my desk but I have avoided picking it up) the last note I wrote on the day of dad's death.

It is on a large, lined, yellow post-it pad where I kept notes of his day to day condition, names of his doctors and the hospital nurses on his floor each day, names of his medications, notes regarding any incidents that we (dad, mom and I) thought worthy to remember such as when an IV line was neglected and became infected, etc. Anyway, that last note had the date, the nurses' station phone number, name of the doctor that would be installing the portacath thing, and this: "Dr. G___ will put it in using local anesthetic - regular doc is on vacation this week so arranged for Dr G___ to install the portacath + dad can go home tomorrow. Dad suffered a pulmonary embolism and died at 10pm Evansville time. :(

I remember talking to dad earlier that day. He said "I have to get out of here or they are going to kill me." He meant kill him through neglect and mishaps that can happen in hospitals–he was victim of plenty of those. I reassured him that they told me the portacath procedure was going to be performed under local anesthetic and that the doctors said it was a relatively minor thing. It amazes me still how little they would tell him of what was going to happen. It was like I was often his means of insight on things that should have been shared with him directly. Because he had been delirious from the infection off and on I think he might have often been talked over or not at all. He was a very intelligent man. What a nightmare.

They wouldn't allow dad to go home without the portacath since his veins had become so difficult to find for an IV. The home health nurse was to visit three times a week to change the dressing on his wound vac and she would also need to use the IV line. Anyway, long story but during that last phone call I reassured my dad, we both talked about how good it would be for him to be back home in the morning.

Reading that little note makes it all fresh as though I just got off the phone with him.

And on a brighter note ... I like this. :) Map of Metal


  1. You are one tough girl to take your stitches out yourself. Anne, you and Trucky should head to Indy for an emergency stitch removal procedure.

  2. Cro told me he used to have a field surgery kit and stitched up a knife slash to his arm when he was late 20'd. He worked as a bouncer for a bar. Joan Jett did a show at that bar while he was working (I think he had a crush on her back then. I her too but it was more of a "wanted to BE her" sort of thing. Anyway, Cro's a tough guy. I'm a baby and a wuss and glad he works at a nice safe office now. No more bar security scary stuff. :)


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