Thursday, December 2, 2010

funny pet stories

Interesting article that I read from NPR this morning: Overeating, Like Drug Use, Rewards and Alters Brain

Speaking of hunger – if you read the article – hunger pangs for me this morning. I'm on a roll with this portion control and restriction from certain foods that I love (like Atkins PB cups and low carb ice cream) sort of thing. :)

I took a few snapshots of the critters this morning but had to rush to work so couldn't take time to download them off the camera. They were a bit too far away to really see them well anyway. I fed them a shred of cheddar cheese and as they sat together, so intent on their treats, I ran to grab a camera. By the time I had the camera turned on they had finished their cheese and scattered to pursue other activities like hopping in the exercise wheel (the dominant mister Percy) or going back to bed (shy little Mr. Jingles). *sigh* I'll be more prepared with camera in hand next time.

Cro made his to-die-for delicious vegetable beef soup last night so that's what i'm having for lunch today. It smelled so good that I had to try a spoonful before bed last night. nom nom indeed!

Since we had some snow yesterday I wasn't looking forward to the drive in this morning. Thankfully non of it stuck though the drive in was extra congested and I even passed a four-car pileup just before reaching downtown ... two police cars and a wrecker were already attending to it.

Survivor and Hell's Kitchen last night were mildly entertaining. Two people voluntarily left on Survivor while no one at all was removed during this week's Hell's Kitchen.

Oh! More funny pet stories. Cro noticed couple of days ago that Buddy Cat brought out his fluffy mouse-shaped toy and was tossing it in the air so he could pounce and wrestle with it. I noticed it was in the middle of the floor yesterday morning but forgot to mention it. He hasn't played with that thing in ages ... was it coincidence or was it a display of aggression toward the hamsters? lol

[0 carbs] bacon

[10 carbs] veggy beef soup

[10 carbs] veggy beef soup

TOTAL 20 carbs


  1. Love the names - from Green Mile fame?

  2. :) yes ... I haven't offered them cornbread yet though.

  3. Take dem to da Mousie Soy-kus! (...circus)

  4. I just may have to do that ... work for your dinner you mousies!

  5. If you find a stash of blueprints for an elaborate contraption to release Percy & Mr Jingles, then you will know for sure that Buddycat is up to know good.


  7. lol ... I'll make sure he gets more attention than he probably wants if he can create blueprints and invent things. :)

    I LOVE that site! And I've not seen it before ... thanks for linking it, such cool videos.


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