Sunday, December 5, 2010

My not so fun weekend

Yay, I fell down the stair backwards! (not yay) and the pics show the result of such a clumsy trick (do not try this yourself).

Weird how the stairs just seemed to reach out and suck me into their vortex. I fell backwards on the threshold of our laundry room to dining room and grabbed out to the door frame to stop my fall. By grabbing for that doorframe my body fell toward the stairs rather than straight back onto the laundry room floor. Once the stairs saw me coming they just drew me on into their wicked maw and down, down, down x14 steps I went.

I'm fine but Cro was a worried mess trying to convince me that he was going to take me to the emergency room immediately. That sweet man's eyes had watered up with tears and I could see him visibly shaking with worry. So after the normal "No, I'm fine. Just let me catch my breath. No, just let me go back upstairs and look at it in the bathroom mirror. No, just let me wash off the blood and see how bad it is." I finally relented and away we went to the emergency room. A few uncomfortable hours later (they made me wear a stupid neck brace right away) they stitched me up (four stitches), did a cat scan to learn that I didn't fracture my skull, and let me go (after paying a $200 insurance co-pay).

Anyway I think I'll not be going to work tomorrow but other than not being able to open my eye and a little dizziness and vertigo, I'm fine.

Funniest thing is that I was pleased that I'd lost my lunch (I know, ew) sometime in the aftermath and so dingdingding! I win. No food for a day without needing willpower.

Here I am fighting the neck brace which gave me a double chin in the pic. Ew!
And here I am with clean (non-bloody shirt) and my eye has started to swell.


  1. YIKES! You rest up. Smart guy that Cro!

  2. Ouch! That's scary. I am glad you were well enough to be able to go back home, but so sorry that you were hurt. Get well soon!

  3. Oh sugar!!

    That looks horribly painful :-(
    I am so glad you are (for the most part!) OK!

    Your man is gonna make you wear a helmet around the house now, you know that? ;-)

  4. Thanks girlies. I'm vowing off falling down the stairs from now on. Bad nightmare come true but I lived through it and no broken bones so I count myself lucky. Floriana, congrats on making it to one-derland! I added your blog to those I follow. Donna and Chai, yes Cro is watching over me extra vigilantly now ... I guess falling down the stairs is taking my inner klutz to new extremes.

  5. Bless your sweet heart.
    I missed this one.
    Now my heart is all broken.
    You look *rough*
    Fast forward to the present ---
    Glad you are better now!

  6. Me too Anne. :) The bruise is almost invisible and the mushy place on my forehead is now a hard bump. Going on three and a half weeks of healing ... that was a big fall.


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