Wednesday, December 15, 2010

despite the black eye

Survivor and Hell's Kitchen tonight. They aren't as compelling this season but they are still worth space on the dvr. Cro and I have gotten into Heroes via our Netflix account and Apple TV. We might have to watch another episode of season 4 (only 18 episodes left!!!) and watch Hell's Kitchen on another night. Not sure. :)

Many people that I know warned me that Heroes loses it's appeal after season 1 ... really??? Cro and I must be very alike because neither of us have lost interest in the show what-so-ever. I don't get what people don't like about it. Ah well, won't be the first time my opinion has run down a different path than the majority.

I decided to make an appearance at the grocery last night despite the black eye. Even monsters gotta eat. I donned some sun glasses even though it was dark outside ... if you look at yesterday's pic you'll see that sunglasses would cover the part of my eye that is no longer black and blue and cover nothing of the forehead bruise nor the bruising down the side of my face. They made me feel more invisible though. :)

I picked up stuff that I'll need to make my low carb torte and also a couple of cake mixes and frosting. I predict that I'll make cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles for the office party Thursday and save making the low carb torte on my vacation day Friday. :) I have no trouble turning my back on things I'm not supposed to eat at parties. I also bought a variety pack of Seagrams Escapes wine coolers to wrap as my white elephant gift ... and I got carded by a snarly check-out lady. Maybe she thought I looked a bit too rough for wine coolers. I was wearing sunglasses after dark and sporting a large bruise down the side of my face, after all.

And lastly I have a HUGE headache. I've had it since yesterday and I think it has to do with all the changes my face is having to go through as the swelling goes down and the bruise fades. I'm sure it will be back to normal by next week.

I just booked a haircut and highlights appointment for Friday. I feel down in the dumps when my hair starts growning out and looking messy.

I often read a blog called "Human. Nature." which is full of insight into the why's behind why we act the way we do. Today's entry is pretty cool and is something that everyone reading can do on their own blogs, or just on a piece of paper that you can wad up and toss once the words are unleashed. I'll give it a try too. It's about the subconscious power of writing.
Here is a quote and a link to the full article which I found very interesting:
Lately a few studies have shown this bizarre and wonderful effect: Writing for 10 or 15 minutes about something self-affirming — something you like about yourself, something you treasure in your life — changes your performance dramatically.

And here is my self-affirmation for today (it sounds arrogant but it's for a good cause, lol):
I possess strength and determination. When I have a goal in mind nothing will stand in the way of my achievement of what I'm after. I take after my dad's intelligence, humor, drive despite all odds and ability to find a way out of problems even when the solution tries to hide in plain sight. I love a good puzzle even of the type that aren't meant for recreation. I take after my grandmother's empathy for others, quick wit and humor. Not even a black eye can dampen my love of a good laugh. Making others feel at ease and at home in my presence is of great joy to me.

Okay, so what is your affirmation for today?

[2 carbs] bacon and cheese

[12 carbs] 2 low carb tortillas
[5 carb] ground beef, peppers, onions, diced tomato, cheese

[2 carbs] bacon and cheese
TOTAL 21 carbs


  1. Funny..... I never, hardly ever doubted myself....
    Not as a music major...
    Not in the Army....
    Not in the Gulf War....
    Not until now.... and this last year!
    Can I maybe use your affirmation?
    Mine is broken.

  2. What has you doubting?
    I can affirm that I believe in you.

  3. I was doubting myself....
    But I borrowed a cup of confidence
    from you, and some from Harry,
    and a bit here, and there!
    And it's a recipe for feeling happy!
    (how corny is that?)


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