Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I caught his eye alright ...

This is Wednesday of my two and a half day week and yet it feels like Tuesday ... grrr. This will be my first full work day following the face smash so I brought Tylenol. I can't resist documenting how the bruises are changing so apologies for another scary photo. I even frightened a guy on the freeway this morning when I caught his eye in an attempt to get him to let me in (coming onto a slow line of traffic from the on ramp). I caught his eye alright ... he looked a bit startled and sped up, lol.

The bruising is traveling down my face and that dot surrounded by clear skin on my forehead is a squishy area. I know, ew. The black eye seems to be fading a little though, and the stitches along my eyebrow can probably come out tomorrow night.
Today's meals will be bacon, cheese and probably a bowl of Cro's homemade veggy-beef soup for dinner. This whole no LC ice cream and no Atkins PB cups until Christmas this is wearing on me. All I've been wanting since busting my head had been something cold (like ice cream!). Ah well, it's for the greater good.


  1. "What did the other guy look like!?"
    As my mother would have no doubt asked you.
    With a little twinkle in here eye!


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