Thursday, December 16, 2010

snowtorists & cupcakes

Two major things to talk about this morning, snow-motorists and cupcakes!

First, snow-motorists. Maybe I'll just call them bad snowtorists. Generally they suck. We got a few inches of snow last night along with some ice and topped off with more snow. As my dad would say, road conditions were slick-as-snot. That's fine, I actually like having a reason to use the 4-wheel drive. That's fine until you add in the bad snowtorists. For example, here comes one heading straight for me down the middle of the road ... like most roads there is a lane going one way and an oncoming traffic lane going the other. This idiot was driving half in his lane and half in mine. I mean directly in the center. Since the snow was hedging in the right side of my lane I had no other option but to purposely drive halfway in the ditch. The little Jeep did wonderfully but OMG, if I hadn't done that he would have collided with me head-on. I'm still angry.

Next, cupcakes. I baked a large amount of cupcakes last night and frosted all of the sugerFULL ones before realizing they would be much easier to transport without frosting. So 24 frosted cupcakes needed to be taken downstairs on a flat platter and another 24 unfrosted mini sugarfree cupcakes also had to make the trip down to my Jeep. Cro insisted on me waking him up early so he could carry them downstairs for me. So yeah, he's wary about me going down the stairs with both arms full (and I don't disagree). Thanks honey. :)

After a precarious drive to work I made it upstairs (work has elevators, lol) and frosted the rest of my cupcakes. After all that work I was very proud of myself for not being tempted to even lick the frosting off my fingers when finished.

The big cupcakes are off limits for me but hopefully everyone else will love them. The sugarfree mini cupcakes are 42 calories each and 9 carbs. Not horrible for a sometimes food.

[9 carbs] one sugarfree mini cupcake

[x carbs] meat, cheese and veggies from the Christmas carry-in

[7 carbs] probably a cup of Cro's chili

TOTAL x carbs


  1. What's the big deal? The cupcakes would have cushioned your fall. Maybe you should ALWAYS carry cupcakes when you go up or down stairs from now on.

    And as for snow, that's how I drive in it, too. Studies show that the safest way to go is right down the center, baby (safest for you, not for everyone else).

  2. I actually had nightmarish-daydreams of slipping on ice and dropping all the cupcakes. I would have to put a note on the empty platter telling them that an act of God is saving everyone from over-indulging this year.


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