Wednesday, December 1, 2010

eat like a mouse

Went to the pet store again after work last night to buy a hamster potty and litter. They can be litter trained! Yay!

Once I got home I proceeded to round up the rodents, transfer them into a large lidded box (along with their saucer wheel so they would have something fun to do), then I cleaned their cage! :) Hopefully with the new hamster potty they will soon be virtually smell-free. They really don't smell strongly, I can't smell them when I walk into the room, but when I open their habitat door to give them food or treats, yeah, their bedding was starting to smell a bit.

I had to give special attention to Buddy Cat after all of that. I think he gets miffed at being shoo'd away from hamster treats, hamster fluffy bedding, hamster this and hamster that and away from the hamsters themselves!

This week's projected weather in Indy. Brrr.
Enough about the hamsters, other than they've inspired some "eat like a mouse" radish slices for a snack today. I woke up to hunger pangs again and felt good about that again.

I fell asleep watching the Heroes season 1 finale last night so I'll probably watch it again before Cro gets home (so he doesn't have to endure watching it twice).

I have two days and 6 hours of vacation time left for 2010. I might make a couple of 3-day weekends out of it soon.

[1 carbs] bacon and cheese

[8 carbs] steamed veggie mix and half a diced radish
[2 carbs] cheese

don't know yet

Total x carbs


  1. Just curious - how big is the hamster litter box?
    Like a matchbox? Like on tv?
    Probably not.
    Now we know there really IS such a thing as a dumb question....sorry!

  2. I didn't know there was such a thing until yesterday. It's about the size of a computer mouse but twice as tall. So it's tiny (but so are they).

  3. A mouse comparison - that's good!
    How cute they must be!

  4. You might have to post some videos of them nibbling on radishes


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