Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Being Human

My PB2 arrived from Amazon yesterday so I had to try some of it in a protein shake this morning. I didn't realize the product was pre-sweetened so although the carbs are still quite low I don't think I'll be buying it again unless they offer an unsweetened option in future. Being low carb, it's not the fat I'm afraid of, it's the sugar. :P

Anyway, protein shake was choco-peanut-nummy although I forgot to add the whey protein powder. The peanut powder packs enough protein to make up for that I imagine.

Coming off the flu, I've been very careful not to expose the critter to my germs so I used a zip-lock baggy as a make-shift glove to serve him some of Cro's unused salad greens and tiny carrots in their own little bowl. I didn't even wake him up to show him "hey, food's on". This morning the little salad bowl was empty. I think he would have placed a thank you note in the bottom if he could write. :) Buddy cat sneezed a couple of times last night so I know he's not escaped the nasty bug.

Oh, and overnight I've gained part of that 6 pounds recently lost ... no idea how. Maybe part of the loss was dehydration since I consumed practically nothing the whole weekend whilst sick. So I'm back to a total of 5 pounds lost of the 50 I want to lose by end of summer. I need to put up a marker of sorts because it's getting tedious to keep track already.

Oh, Cro has the entire first and second season of the BBC original Being Human ready for us to watch on our Apple TV. I'm excited to compare notes. We watched the second episode of the American remake last night.

[6 carbs] protein shake, sort of, I forgot the protein powder. I cup unsweetened soy milk, cocoa and 1 TBSP PB2 (peanut powder), liquid stevia and ice.

[1 carbs] genmai-cha green tea

[0 carbs] ground beef
[2 carbs] cheese

TOTAL 9 carbs for today


  1. Love the British version. Not impressed with the American. And I find myself wondering how SyFi can call Being Human "a brand new original series". What's original about taking a British series and changing the names of the characters?

  2. I'm hoping to the love British version too! I think the SyFi channel is taking big liberties in their creative marketing of the product. Everyone does it, right? :P I call it lying.

  3. Sorry about the gain, but it will soon be gone.

    Never seen Being Human, but it's being advertised on our BBC channels all the time..

  4. I almost bought some liquid stevia today. I don't really care for the powdered kind. Have you tried both?

  5. Yes, and I prefer NuNaturals liquid to the packets. I've tried more than one brand of liquid and have run into some very bitter ones. The packets I've tried had an off flavor too and since each packet is one carb (for the filler) and the liquid is 0, liquid is win-win for me.

  6. Well, from what I can tell,,,,,,,
    the PB2 regular is just regular......
    no chocolate, no sugar.....
    And yes, the liquid is win-win!

  7. Thanks for the tip. Yesterday at Whole Foods the choices were a bit overwhelming. There are even flavored ones. At 16-20 bucks a bottle, I didn't want to waste my precious money on something I didn't like. The powdered one I have is very bitter and has been sitting in the pantry for over a year.


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