Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Envelope glue tastes nasty

The taste of envelope sealing glue is especially foul when paying overpriced medical bills. Blah.
... and blah for no reason because I chickened out and didn't want to mail my credit card number. I ripped open the envelopes, scribbled out my credit card numbers VERY WELL and ripped each paper into tiny bits until I felt they were safe. I then made a couple of phone calls and was able to pay the CT scan bill online and the ER bill by phone. The BIG bill hasn't gotten here yet so I'll worry about it when it does. I wish the paranoia had happened before I licked that nasty envelopes glue.

Mom called last night asking me what she should eat to lose 7 pounds quickly. :P I guess she has gained 7 pounds over the Christmas holiday and wants to just get rid of it and be back to normal as quickly as possible. Don't we all mom, don't we all.

So I gave her a quick run-down of a low-carb diet in simple terms that she can perhaps use for a week to drop a little. Her diet will consist of eggs and salad greens (no dressing) and tea with a packet of Splenda since she asked if she could have tea with sweetener. I tried to coach her on what she can eat and what she should watch carefully and to keep count of carbs and calories but that's too much for her to remember. So 3 eggs per meal and as much spinach (which she loves) and other salad greens as she wants. That should be easy enough for her to stick to for 3-7 days. No idea if she will be able to lose 7 pounds in that amount of time but given how much I lost (10 pounds) my first week of low-carb, I think it's very possible.

Mom is 5'6" and 142lbs, btw. Her "norm" is 135lbs.

Going back through my blog, it looks like I ate chicken breast, low-carb burgers (burger with just cheese and no bun), bacon, green beans, mixed LC veggies, macadamia nuts, pumpkin seeds, pork rinds and cheese. Approximately 20 carbs or less and 2000 calories per day. I can't lose on 2000 calories a day anymore ... I would gain. 1200 is better.

[8 carbs] protein shake

[4 carbs] small amount of leftover ground beef with veggies
[2 carbs] shredded cheddar

probably this:
[4 carbs] cheese
[0 carbs] 4 slices of bacon

TOTAL 18 carbs for today


  1. My mother-in-law is probably about 40 lbs overweight, but insists she only wants/needs to lose 14.

    Almost every time I see her (which is pretty often as she lives so close by and comes over to see Tabitha) she's banging on about some 2-week amazing fad diet or another... What she won't so is stick to a sensible eating plan (or measure anything at all!) for longer than a couple of weeks. :o(

  2. I'm starting to think that lots of mothers are bonkers. :) Love her anyway but wow. It probably makes your mother-in-law feel better to think she is that close to her goal and that there must be a quick fix.

  3. I was thinking last night how bitchy my comment sounded, but it wasn't meant that way!

    It's just frustrating when, almost every time I see her, she is talking about some *new* diet that 'guarantees a' 14 lb loss over 2 weeks... The other day it was "I read that if you drink 2 cans of diet ginger beer before each meal...." :o(

  4. I didn't read it as being bitchy. I totally understand the frustration. With my own mom I just file the things that bug me under her quirks, knowing that if she didn't have quirks she wouldn't be the same person. :)


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