Monday, January 31, 2011

Goodbye Being Human (for now anyway)

We finished BBC Being Human (well, everything so far available) and I'm having Being Human withdrawal now just as I did with Heroes. I know the US remake will have a new episode in a day or two (don't even remember which day it is on) but although I'm sure I'll watch it, it doesn't hold the same excitement. Anyway, I highly recommend watching the BBC version. I absolutely loved it. I may refrain from watching the remainder of season 3 until it is finished so we can watch it over Apple TV without all the advertising. I'm spoiled.

Cro and I went out to Lonhorn Steakhouse Saturday. I had chicken with cheese-stuffed portabella (I've been craving chicken for some reason) with a sweet potato on the side. I felt a little guilty ordering a sweet potato rather than steamed veggies because I only eat a few bites of it and the leftovers go to waste (Cro doesn't like sweet potatoes).  It was very good and I don't get them often ... I just wish I could order it by portion rather than the whole thing. I'd like four bites of chicken, 2 bites of cheese-stuffed portabella and three bites of sweet potato with butter please. ;) New restaurant concept, order by the bite.

I am still coughing like crazy and can't wait until that part of having the flu is past. I guess we are supposed to get an ice storm of "potentially catastrophic" impact. Oh come on now newscasters ... don't you think that is laying the drama a bit thick? I'll pack my work onto a thumb drive just in case ... but I am not holding my breath for the day at home.

[2 carbs] forth of a low carb tortilla
[2 carbs] queso blanco

[6 carbs] LC ice cream

[0 carbs] bacon
[2 carbs] queso blanco

TOTAL 12 carbs for today


  1. hey, do what I did last night. As soon as the waitress put my plate down in front of me, I asked her for a to go box. Yes, she looked at me a little funny. I put half of my protein in the box. I just ate it for lunch today. It was so good and a very nice treat.

    PS, your supper sounds so good. mmmm cheese...

  2. That's a good plan. We always get a to-go box for the leftovers so I just felt bad ordering something that I knew wasn't going to be taken home (Cro doesn't like it and I severely limit sweet potato so wouldn't have gotten to it in time). Having restaurant food leftovers the next day always makes for a fun lunch. :)


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