Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Something-day!

Meetings meetings work work. I'm boring aren't I?

I got here early this morning and wrapped the remainder of the Christmas gifts for Matt. I still need to get a card but I'm thinking about an Easter card (if I can find one) and making little Santa hats for the bunnies ... and making little talk bubbles for a couple of them discussing how confused they are ...
Bunny with egg basket says "Happy Easter!"
Bunny wearing santa hat and holding a gift says "No, no, no. It's Merry Christmas silly!"
Bunny wearing a New Year party hat and 2011 glasses says "Oh, I thought it was Happy New Year."
Bunny in the back says "I give up."

Now we'll see what I actually end up with.

[6 carbs] Weight Watchers Beef Stew (without the potatoes and with only a few carrot slices)

[6 carbs]  Cro's beef stew with onions, mushroom and radishes

[6 carbs]  ground beef and veggies
[5 carbs] cinnamon-nutmeg-ginger soymilk ice cream

TOTAL 23 carbs for today


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