Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I went to the grocery last night and among other things picked up some Weight Watchers meals of the lower-carb variety. I brought one for breakfast this morning and eww, although the name of it was Santa Fe Chicken it smelled strongly of mustard. After a tentative taste (tongue to fork and then spit it out!) there is no way. I dislike mustard, which is a shame since it is so low carb. I dislike it though and I dislike coffee (which I tried to give another chance recently but no). ew

So anyway, Santa Fe Chicken Smart Ones works out to 7 carbs and is probably very tasty if you like mustard.

For lunch I brought some of Cro's beef stew with onions, mushrooms and radishes. I'm looking forward to lunch, especially since with no breakfast I am a little bit hungry.

I Googled "Yatta" yesterday, hoping to find out what it means. I surmised it was an expression of triumph & joy. What came up was the video below. The Japanese can be so weird. lol Disturbingly so.

I miss good programs now that the Survivor, Hell's Kitchen seasons are over. I had on the premier of The Bachelor last night. It was also disturbingly weird.

Lots of small projects on tight deadlines to work on today. The first full work week after the holidays always drags rump. I read on Matt's facebook that he has a cold. I wonder if that is going to delay our Christmas get-together. I don't need more cold germs and I'm sure he needs time to recover.

[2 carbs] small taste of icky mustard-smell frozen dinner

[6 carbs]  Cro's beef stew with onions, mushroom and radishes
(The radishes were cooked in the stew so they taste like little red potatos)

[6 carbs]  Cro's beef stew and radishes
[4 carbs] cinnamon-nutmeg-ginger almond-milk ice cream

TOTAL 18 carbs for today


  1. My first and only experience with WW frozen dinners unfortunately had a little piece of plastic in the food. Like debris.
    And the Yatta.....
    Triumph and Joy? Thought is was a beer. Drats.

  2. Plastic is 0-carbs at least. Maybe the manufacturer of playskool toys was next door. Yatta ... that was just my best guess at what it means. They look so happy when they yell it as did Hiro from the Heroes series. Maybe beer can give a sensation of triumph and joy too.

  3. You probably wouldn't like my specially brewed mustard coffee then. Oh well... more for me!


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