Friday, January 7, 2011

Icy roads & old clothes

Icy roads last night and today but I made it to work without incident. Matt is sick and so we'll be putting off our Matt&Tracy Christmas until Monday evening. I'm feeling blah today anyway, not sick, just ready for the weekend.

More later, have to work.

Okay, it's later and urgent work is taken care of for the moment. What's everyone doing for the weekend? Maybe I'll get a tiny start on sorting out the laundry room. That has been a goal forever though. Still, I have shelves full of shoes that I never wear, laundry baskets used as storage bins for old clothes that I haven't worn or even looked at in years, so much space that could be reclaimed and better used. I'll bet there are clothes in there that fit now and other things that are way too big and don't need to be kept. Given that it's only a 2-day weekend I'll probably not accomplish much other than stress-detox.

I can't believe I forgot this until just now. I dreamt about dad for the first time since his death! It is significant because I have such vivid dreams and I've been hoping that I would see him there. Nope. Nope and so many more nopes that I didn't think it was actually going to happen and I didn't know why. I know it isn't the real him but just like my voice recordings of him on my cell phone it would be a little something. He's in my head, vividly ... so why has it taken until now for him to appear in a dream?

Anyway, it was a short dream but he was there. We were traveling to Vincennes – to get lumber for one of his many projects, I'm guessing – and had stopped at a gas station. As he started to fill-'er up I was outside and walking toward his S-10 pick-up truck when a mid 30-ish man holding a gas nozzle caught my eye. In the dream I thought hmm, he has a strange look in his eyes, I hope he doesn't douse me with gas and set me on fire. Then of course – due to the power of suggestion – that's exactly what he did. I didn't feel pain (and I normally do in these types of dreams) but I did wake up shortly after falling to the ground on fire. It wasn't until I woke up that the joy of dreaming about dad hit me. In the dream I didn't have memory that he had died and so it was just a normal nice outing. Now I get to play over the memory of how he looked, smelled, acted and the whole wonderful atmosphere of being with him. Stupid pyromaniac that woke me up early!

[6 carbs] Weight Watchers Beef Stew (without the potatoes and with only a few carrot slices)

[2 carbs]  ground beef with a touch of cardamom spice (yum)
[4 carbs] queso blanco cheese with jalapeƱo slices

[6 carbs] Cro's beef stew with onions, mushrooms and radishes
[5 carbs] cinnamon-nutmeg-ginger soymilk ice cream
[3 carbs] pecans

TOTAL 26 carbs for today


  1. Yummy menu, I'll have to try putting some cardamom in my beef it sounds good.

  2. I love cardamom but don't think Cro cares for it much. That's okay, he likes lots of things that I don't care for (like mustard).


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