Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just chillin'

I texted for the first time last night ... but I'm getting ahead of myself. ;)

I had the critter on my mind all the way home, specifically that he didn't seem very active the night before and wondering if anything was wrong with him. :( I didn't clean his habitat over the weekend and after greeting him with a treat yesterday morning I could tell that it was getting a bit ripe. So first thing I did when I got home from work was to transfer him to a large cardboard box along with his mini-hammy-house, toys and food. Then I alternately dismantled his habitat for cleaning and kept a close eye on Buddy (Buddy wanted so badly to jump into that cardboard box and pay critter a visit.) Hmm, I call him critter more than Mr. Jingles ... I think that will just have to be his new name, or nickname, or whatever. Critter.

So I give everything a good clean, install fresh bedding, wash the critter toys and wheels, transfer him back to the habitat, coo over him a bit (he did seem full of energy and sweetness again), and whoa ... what's that on my desk?

A new iPhone, that's what. :) After Cro got home I opened it all and he helped me start learning to use my new toy. Sweeeet! (the iPhone) and SWEET! (Cro). We had been planning to transfer my Razr phone plan to his old first generation iPhone but to get a brand new one surprised me. He said Apple dropped the price of the G3 iphones to $50 and it would have cost $25 to transfer the plan to his old iPhone anyway ... so I was gifted with a new iPhone for just an extra $25 thanks to an uber thoughtful husband who used his lunch hour to make a trip to the Apple Store and surprise me. Thanks honey!

In other news, we are having a company lunch today to say goodbye to one of our account execs who has taken other job. It's supposed to be 22 degrees today (wind chill to make it feel like 7 degrees) and we are walking several blocks to get to the restaurant. Funny that we watched a show last night called Weird or What and it talked about a little girl who froze to death, was dead for 2 hours, and was revived without brain damage. I still don't want to freeze to death.

Oh, and I guess my astrological sign is Ophiuchus now? Whatev ... it is cool that it is also referred to as Serpentarius since Cro has his bachelor degree in herpetology and has worked so much with venomous snakes.

[0 carbs] bacon

[4 carbs] burger without bun, pepper jack cheese, diced onion, lettuce and 4 french fries (we went to BW3 rather than Rock Bottom Brewery like I thought ... only a 2 block walk in the freezing cold but we were seated close enough to the constantly opening doors that a couple of us left coats on - wish I had!)

[13 carbs] LC ice cream
[4 carbs] pecans
[2 carbs] Atkins PB cups

TOTAL 23 carbs for today


  1. OMG I have an iphone and I love, love, LOVE it! Whatever you do, don't download the Angry Birds app...

  2. haha ... too late on the Angry Birds. I've been playing it on Cro's ipad so of course that was one of the first apps to be added. RAWK!

  3. ah ha! Angry birds got you. I sadly have three different AB apps on my phone. (the free one, the 99c one, the holiday one)

    I'm now a virgo. HMPF I previously dispised virgos... karma....


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