Friday, January 28, 2011

Just'a Good ol' Boys

We watched episode 4 of BBC Being Human and I am in love with the British version now. Episode 4 is the one where I really connected with the characters and am officially hooked. So good. Though I'm still looking forward to episode 3 of the American remake it's going to have to work very hard to win me over now that I'm invested in the British actors ... I imagine it will be like watching a remake of ... oh ... what's something comparable? The only thing coming to mind is that silly Dukes of Hazard television show that I was enamoured with as a little kid. When the Dukes of Hazard movie was made years later I just didn't want to watch it (and still haven't) because no one other than John Schneider and Tom Wopat could possibly be Bo and Luke Duke for me.

I've lost another .2 pounds, woohoo (that was facetious). Still, I'm surprised since I tried to eat more than normal yesterday to combat whatever that light-headed feeling was in the face of major project-load stress. -.2 is better than a gain. :) And I avoided the cake and delicious-smelling popcorn.

[7 carbs] low carb tortilla
[4 carbs] queso blanco

[6 carbs] ground beef with sauteed peppers and onions

[8 carbs] ground beef with sauteed peppers and onions
[10 carbs] Dreamfield rotini

TOTAL 35 carbs for today


  1. I have never spelled "facetious"
    .... now I know I can.
    That things we learn on blogs!
    All good!

  2. I think you should give Johnny Knoxville a chance in Dukes of Hazard. After all, he DID win Best Supporting Actor for the role.

  3. Definitely better than a gain! I'm playing around with losing and gaining the same 0.5 lbs this week... But more WILL come off very soon - for both of us! :o)

  4. hehe. I am being VERY facetious when I say I will be sure to watch the new Dukes of Hazard soon. Or maybe I'm just lying. ;)

    Thanks for the encouragement Patsy!


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