Thursday, January 20, 2011

Multi-tasking Thursday

I went to bed last night knowing that it was going to be slick and snowy on the drive to work (the weather-dudes were partially correct this time) ... and knowing that if I wanted a healthy lunch I was going to have to get something in a skillet on medium heat right away so it would be cooked by the time I needed to leave. There is always a danger of burning stuff when I cook like that (the inattentive chef) but it worked out well this time. :]

One package of frozen pepper and onion mix and ground beef with some sea salt and Spike seasoning equals both breakfast & lunch for me today and half to use tomorrow. And I still arrived at work before everyone else. The roads were so nasty that I had to drive 30mph most of the way so it was a looooong drive.

American Idol season 10 began last night and I did actually peek, and then ended up watching when I saw they weren't crushing too many people's dreams on camera. Steven Tyler was fun to watch and seems like he might turn out to maybe more on the honestly critical side ... though Randy was right on par in the strength of criticism (meaning the criticism didn't come close to equaling Simon). Jennifer Lopez compares to Paula in sweet personality and not wanting to say no. I just hope they uncover some very talented contestants and don't fill the show with people who slid through with puppy dog eyes.

I gave the critter a bit of Cro's salad mix again this morning. One tiny carrot shred and one postage-stamp sized piece of romaine. He loved them so I think I need use fresh things like that as treats more often (though he likes his packaged yogurt treats lots too). He's so cute to give treats by hand. His tiny little fingers will sometimes grab on to my thumb to steady himself as he eats.

Down another .6 this morning but I don't like to count them until they are a full pound, worth a mention though ... I just hope it doesn't jump back on when I have Dreamfield's Friday after work. I wonder how mom is doing on her journey to lose 7 pounds.

Ha, work is buying everyone lunch today and called it "Snow Day Free Lunch". Very nice. So I'm ordering close to what I brought (ground sirloin, jalapeƱos, a slice of pepper jack cheese, and a side of steamed broccoli with parmesan. I guess I'll save the lunch I prepared for tomorrow. :)

[4 carbs] sauteed mixed peppers and onions
[0 carbs] ground beef

[3 carbs] steamed broccoli with parmesan
[1 carb] jalapeƱos and a slice of pepper jack cheese
[0 carbs] ground sirloin patty

[0 carbs] 8 slices of bacon

TOTAL 8 carbs for today


  1. Hope you enjoyed your lunch! :o)

  2. Thanks Patsy, nothing beats a free lunch. :)

    Donna, I gained .2 today, go figure. Silly how such a tiny gain takes the wind out of my sails ... still down 4.4 for the week though!


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