Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nude monsters!

Cro and I watched the first two episodes of the BBC series Being Human last night. Cro liked it better than the American remake and I'm still undecided which I like better. At first I was curious why it was remade at all but I guess all of the nudity of the guy who turns into a werewolf (he doesn't show the full package though, lol) would be a bit off-putting over here. Whatev, it adds realism. My only other guess would be that maybe the British accents and local slang posed potential for being lost on a large enough portion of the American audience that just editing out the nude scenes wouldn't be enough and a remake was the better solution.

The scale remains the same this morning so I'm still 45lbs away from my end of summer goal.

[4 carbs] pecans

[0 carbs] ground beef
[2 carbs] queso with jalapeƱos

[0 carbs] bacon
[2 carbs] cheese

TOTAL 8 carbs for today


  1. End of summer goals in sight!

  2. yay! But I feel very blah today ... down on myself for some reason. Maybe I just need summer to get here.


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