Monday, January 17, 2011


Bills are coming in from the falling down the stairs emergency room visit. I was hoping that my insurance was taking care of it all since after reviewing the insurance company's explanation of benefits letter regarding this claim and under all these services:
  • Emergency Room Service - $293
  • Surgery, Skin (I guess that was the stiches?) - $326
  • CT scan head-neck - $188
  • CT scan spine - $152
  • Medical Service (no idea what this is since all I had done was one CT scan and four stitches ... but it cost lots) - $5,309.53
Anyway, the insurance summary of services said what was the allowable amount for each of those things, what the insurance paid and said "additional member responsibility $0" ... so I thought I wouldn't be billed for anything.

Wrong, the hospital emergency room and radiology group have already sent me bills for $58.91 and $25.98 ... and after looking things over again and calling my insurance to confirm that I really do have to pay those things I found out that I can expect a bill for $789.34 to be in the mail any day now.

That's a total of $874.93 out of my own pocket ... plus the $200 deductible already paid by Cro. OUCH!!!

In retrospect I wish I hadn't gone to the emergency room but I guess if something had been seriously wrong I wouldn't feel that way. Basically I'm going to receive a huge bill and all I have to show for it is a tiny scar from the stitches and piece of mind that this lump on my head (which is still there btw) is going to vanish over time because my skull wasn't fractured in fall. I feel so stupid for having fallen and now I feel stupid and poor. >:(

[9 carbs] protein shake (1 cup unsweetened soy milk, 1 scoop protein powder, 1 scoop unsweetened cocoa, 4 strawberries, stevia, sugar-free Davinci's french vanilla, ice

[2 carbs] 3 eggs
[2 carbs] cheese

probably this:
[2 carbs] 3 eggs
[4 carbs] cheese
[0 carbs] 3 slices of bacon

TOTAL 19 carbs for today


  1. Last year when I had to go to the hospital from work in an ambulance I felt really silly and was scared of the bill that would come later. I'm glad I did though.

  2. Just think of it as a fun vacation trip you didn't get to take. Waitaminute... don't think of it like that. You'll get too depressed!

  3. lots of photos and stories to share anyway.

  4. I'm in the wrong business!
    No wait - I'm in the right business!
    But the wrong end.
    That's a lot of $$!
    Well, what 'cha gonna do, eh?


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