Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow snow snow ... I have one friend here who just loves it ... not me and not Cro. Speaking of Cro, he's very sick with a nasty bug again. I feel so terrible that Indiana climate is continually tripping up his system this year. He's so tired of catching every bug that flies through. :( He apologizes repeatedly for coughing, thinking that it bothers me. Hearing the coughing doesn't annoy me at all, it does make me worry and wish there was something I could do to make it better for him. He has had bronchitis since he was a kid so I'm sure that has something to do with his susceptibility to viruses. Maybe we'll be able to move to a warmer climate someday in the distant future.

It's Friday and the project stress is starting up again finally. I've been coasting along with not quite enough to do over the past few weeks and have even chipped in on the print side of things and a logo design project. Starting last night it's once again overload season for the online side of the company. I actually think I stress more when there is not enough work on the horizon than when there is too much. So this is a big yay!

Oh, in looking up Being Human yesterday I found out that it's been a popular series in the UK since 2009. What? I'll have to get copies of the original series now. If the remake here is good enough to intrigue me into looking it up I can't wait to watch it as originally intended. I wonder if viewing ahead will put me off of the US version though. Best not watch them in tandem I guess. I'm the anxious personality though so I'll likely watch it as soon as I can get it, lol.

Oh, the stinky scale claims that I'm up .2 today. Pfft. So that makes 4.4 since Sunday rather than 4.6. Even though that takes some of the pep out of my step it's fun to see the scale moving mostly in the right direction again.

[4 carbs] sauteed mixed peppers and onions
[0 carbs] ground beef

[2 carbs] Atkins PB cups

[4 carbs] sauteed mixed peppers and onions
[0 carbs] ground beef
[10 carbs] Dreamsfield's LC rotini

TOTAL 20 carbs for today

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  1. Up, down, all around.
    It'll come back in time!


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