Monday, January 3, 2011

Soda Stream

That 3-day weekend seemed longer than normal so now that I'm back to work it feels like I've been gone for a long and restful time!

I left an anniversary card on Cro's desk before leaving for work last Thursday. When I got home there was a large gift wrapped and sitting on my computer desk! The front of the envelope displayed a cute little hand-drawn staircase with the circle-slash NO symbol over it. No falling down stairs! lol

The gift was a Soda Stream carbonated drink maker! This is awesome! The diet flavors are aspartame-free. I can have diet root beer again! I've missed diet root beer but gave it up when I couldn't find it without aspartame. Cro bought diet root beer, diet orange pop and the drink maker came with an array of sample flavors. Of the samples I've tried I like diet lemon-lime the most. Yatta! as Hiro from Heroes would say.

I also played with my new ice cream maker (gift from mom for Christmas) and made low-carb cinnamon-nutmeg-ginger ice cream. I used almond milk and it turned out a bit too icy but still very delicious. Next time I'll try one of Shelly's recipes (The World According to Egg-face).

1 cup Vanilla Soy Milk (or Regular Milk 2% or above for best results)
2 scoops of Protein Powder
2 Tablespoon sugarfree DaVinci or Torani syrup

News on the critter:
Cute as ever. Funny how cleaning his habitat makes me feel happy. Cro scooped him up and moved him to the big tub and helped me dismantle things for cleaning. I was able to get it put back together on my own, which I count as an accomplishment. That thing has so many snaps and components.

News on Buddy cat:
He's decided he no longer cares for the type of treats Cro gives him each night. The little silly slept through treat time (this is way unusual for him) and made me worry that he might be sick. He was up with the chickens (up early as I got ready for work) and not slouching when it came to reminding me to feed him before I left. I guess he's feeling just fine.

News on other things:
Matt was laid off from work. They lost a major client recently. They've discussed bringing him back in February if they recoup with new work so I hope that happens. He's worked for that company over 10 years. I worked for my company 7 years at the time they laid me off. Two years later they brought me back but those were a couple of very scary years of job hunting, working in a less than ideal situation and freelancing. I've been back for several years but not a day goes by that I don't stress and fear something like that happening again. This economy still sucks and has not yet recovered.

Anyway, Matt and I are getting together for our annual Matt&Tracy Christmas sometime this week. I still have gifts to wrap.

[0 carbs] bacon
[2 carbs] cheese

[2 carbs] grilled veggies chopped and mixed into ground beef
[2 carbs] cheese

[0 carbs]  bacon
[2 carbs] cheese
[12 carbs] pecans, cinnamon-nutmeg-almond milk ice cream, whipped cream

TOTAL 20 carbs for today


  1. Neat soda machine!

    Did my new treats spoil Buddycat? hehehe

    Little Sadekat doesn't like cat treats except for the hairball remedy stuff.

  2. Buddy gets tired of things easily ... this is the first time he's gotten tired of treats though! I think they were Friskies brand. Hairball remedy treats? That solves two purposes at once! I love my new soda machine. It's much cheaper, has a greater aspartame-free variety and is more convenient than buying cases of diet soda too. I sound like a sales person, lol.

  3. Here's a link for the hairball remedy:

    You can rub it on their paws or put it on your finger. Sadie likes it best just licking it right out of the tube. No cleanup either. It's her mostly nightly treat. Just a dab helps them pass the hairballs instead of coughing them up.

  4. That's very cool. I've never heard of such a thing but will definitely look for it next time I'm at the store. Thanks Donna!

  5. I love my soda stream - I mix my protein shakes with a wee little bit of carbonation. No carbs - carbonation.

  6. Hmm, carbonated protein shakes. I'll have to mix a little carbonated water in rather than plain water next time!


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