Friday, January 14, 2011

two pigs with one angry bird

The office is closed Monday to honor MLK day. Three-day weekend. The last one until Memorial day. I may have to start planning a few vacation days here and there in the months to come because that is a long spell of normal 5-day work weeks and I know my projects are going to pick up to a hectic and stressful level in the months to come.

Cro pointed out that I was considering the new horoscope thing in the wrong direction. Rather than a Serpentarius I guess I'm a Libra or something. I'm back to my original stance of "whatev" regarding the change. I've never really worried about the zodiac except in fun and for fun I'll always be a Scorpio at heart.

So a brilliant idea came to me last night that I should turn the extra bedroom – which is connect to both the hall and to the laundry room – into a walk-in closet for both Cro and I. That would allow me to move the clutter out of the laundry room and would also give us space to de-clutter all of our closets by consolidating it all into one. The challenge is how to build clothing racks and storage without spending much money. Maybe Cro will have ideas. A guy I work with said that he got some big (like 5'x6')  metal storage racks at Lowes for $20 each. A couple of those would give us space for folded clothes and maybe a tension rod between would be good for hanging stuff. I think we could fit two racks and one tension rod on one wall. Anyway it would be nice to have a reason to use that room and also nice to clear out the laundry room. That would be like killing two pigs with one angry bird.

[4 carbs] protein shake
[2 carbs] pecans

[4 carbs] protein shake
[2 carbs] pecans

probably this:
[15 carbs] Dreamfields rotini
[4 carbs] ground beef saut├ęd with onions and peppers
[3 carb] cheese

TOTAL 34 carbs for today


  1. I know, I was a Gemini before but now I'm a Ford Fiesta. What's up with that?

  2. You are probably one of those with WASH ME fingered on the back window too, aren't you. ;)


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