Monday, January 10, 2011

two yummy icy things

I made two yummy icy things recently in the tradition of it never being too cold outside for an icy treat inside.

First another batch of low carb ice cream in my cuisinart.
LC Orange Ice Cream:
- 1 cup whole milk (12 carbs)
- 1 cup unsweetend soy milk (3 carbs)
- 6 ounces cream cheese (6 carbs) 
- half cup walnut pieces (2 carbs)
- 4 eggs (2.4 carbs)
- orange extract
- stevia
- half cup of Soda Stream diet orange carbonated water
Total 25.4 carbs (about 6 carbs per serving)

Cro says that it tastes like an orange sorbet. Probably a bit more sorbet-like due to the water in the carbonated drink. It is very good though and not much sweetener was needed due to the diet orange drink being pre-sweetened with liquid splenda. The walnuts add some crunch which I always enjoy with ice cream and are a nice counterbalance to the light flavor of cool, cool orange.

Second I made a chocolate-orange drink protein shake this morning for breakfast and wow, yum, good. I love my new ice maker, new ice cream cuisinart and new soda maker. :)
Protein shake:
1 cup unsweetened soy milk (3 carbs)
1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa (1 carb)
2 scoops whey protein (3 carbs)
half cup diet orange soda
ice cubes
Total 7 carbs

The Colts game Saturday night was a nail-biter and ended way disappointing. So I thought we might win when the clock was down to 3 seconds with Colt ahead by 2. The Jets scored a field goal with no time to spare and won the game by one point. If only that noob move (tackling of the kicker) mid-game hadn't happened. The interception would have not been rebuked, Colts would have had control and the game would have been in the bag. Oh well, next year says the losers. :P

It's supposed to snow bigtime starting midnight but that leaves enough wiggle room for Matt & me to still have our belated Christmas tonight. I haven't heard from him yet this morning but if we can't get together tonight we may have to delay due to snow.

I just heard from Matt and belated-Christmas is ON! :) We are going to have rum&diet coke with Splenda cocktails, low carb snacks, grilled steak and asparagus dinner, watch Howl's Moving Castle in HD on Matt's new flat screen and exchange gifts. Fun fun fun.

[7 carbs] chocolate-orange protein shake (2 scoops whey protein (3 carbs), 1 cup unsweetened soy milk (3 carbs), 1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa (1 carb), half cup of orange carbonated soda sweetened with liquid Splenda, ice cubes)

[3 carbs] almonds
[6 carbs]  one serving of orange ice cream

[0 carbs]  grilled steak
[8 carbs]  8 spears grilled asparagus (drizzled with olive oil)
[4 carbs]  a few cashews and cheese

TOTAL 28 carbs for today


  1. Hmm chocolate orange shake sounds pretty good.

  2. It was way yummy (or should I say whey yummy ... groan).


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