Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vampires and Werewolves and Ghosts, oh my!

Traffic was unbelievable this morning. I had to do a double take on my clock to be sure that it wasn't actually an hour later than what it claimed. People were pouring out of every nook like ants do when their anthill is disturbed. The DJ kept warning of black ice being everywhere but though I drove to work in 4WD I didn't encounter any need for it. Ah well, maybe that was another bait and switch from a bored reporter with nothing much else worthy to talk about.

It doesn't feel like it should be Wednesday. Can I trade up for a Thursday? I guess the new season of American Idol starts tonight. I don't generally enjoy it until after the selection-humiliation part is over so it might be a few more weeks before I watch. Oh, speaking of watching television, did anyone catch the series premier of "Being Human". I watched and wondered how they would pull off the story of a vampire, werewolf and ghost rooming together without being corny, but it wasn't corny at all and I actually like it lots. Looking forward to the next episode (no, it's nothing like Twilight).

I've lost 4 pounds since Sunday ... which is awesome if you don't consider that I've lost those 4 pounds before. Just a small chunk out of the 50 I'd love to lose by end of summer (that's more than reasonable right? ;)).

[6 carbs] protein shake
[4 carbs] half cup of walnut pieces

[5 carbs] 5 strawberries
[2 carbs] two sticks of sharp white cheddar

probably this:
[2 carbs] cheese
[0 carbs] 4 slices of bacon

TOTAL 19 carbs for today


  1. 4 lbs is a good dent into that 50! I wholeheartedly understand what it's like to have to re-lose the pounds again before you get to losing 'new' weight!

    If I was a radio presenter/reporter, I'd be tempted to Make Stuff Up, just for the hell of it!

  2. For some reason pounds don't seem to come off any more quickly the second time around. I guess it's my lot in life to keep an eye on things and correct them before they get too much out of hand. No way would I want to have to restart from the beginning ... yikes.

  3. "Being human" is really good, isn't it. I am especially fond of

  4. Judith - yay, someone else who has seen Being Human and liked it. :) I'm not versed in the character names yet, is George the werewolf? They left us in a cliffhanger after that pilot didn't they? I'm sure he isn't going to kill her but will the ghost find a way to leave because of this? That actually would be quite cool since the werewolf has been so impatient with her.

    Donna - yay for 4 lbs. :) TY!


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