Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Smart Ones and my latest LC ice cream recipe

The Weight Watchers meal – slow roasted turkey breast – was a winner this time. The turkey was good and moist, gravy was good (and no plastic bits, Anne) and the mashed potatoes were carby so I skipped most of those. If I had eaten the entire meal it would have been 16 carbs, by not eating the potatoes and only a small portion of the gravy I'm guesstimating that my meal of mostly turkey was about 6 carbs. It didn't smell or taste like mustard either. :) And it was quick and easy so I give it a gold star. Now if only Weight Watchers would substitute cauliflower puree for that potato mash ... the world just doesn't know what's good.

I made my second batch of low carb ice cream in the Cuisinart last night and it turned out MUCH creamier. I am looking forward to having some tonight. Here's what I made it from:

2 cups unsweetened soy milk (6 carbs)
2 cups heavy cream (12 carbs)
4 eggs (egg beaters so they were already pasteurized) (2.4 carbs)
2 TBSP caramel sugarfree DaVinci syrup
3 packets of Truvia (erythritol)
several drops of stevia
ground cinnamon (1 carb)
ground nutmeg (1 carb)
ground ginger (1 carb)

23.4 carbs if you don't count the erythritol (less than 4 carbs per serving if divided into six)
32.4 if you do count the erythritol (less than 5.5 carbs per serving if divided into six)

I brought Cro's beef stew for lunch again. And I brought soda stream diet Lemon-Lime to drink.

I caught the season premier of The Biggest Loser last night. I would have chosen the 4 weeks immunity if it were me. In four weeks a third of the Bob&Gillian people will be voted out since they don't have immunity. A 1 in 3 chance of losing my spot would scare me. The new trainers know they have to prove themselves so ... underdog syndrome.

Cro said after seeing the guy with large straight shoulders "That guy must have been a weight lifter." Guess what, that is the guy that used to be an Olympic wrestler. Cro says he will have an advantage because no matter how long it's been, the body doesn't forget. :)

[6 carbs] Weight Watchers Turkey medallions (without most of the mashed potatoes)

[6 carbs]  Cro's beef stew with onions, mushroom and radishes

[6 carbs]  Cro's beef stew and radishes
[5 carbs] cinnamon-nutmeg-ginger soymilk ice cream

TOTAL 23 carbs for today

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