Friday, February 11, 2011

4-Hour Body slow carb?

Has anyone heard of the 4-Hour Body slow-carb diet? From what little I've read it seems to be low carb with the addition of legumes that are low glycemic.  It also seems like they don't eat cheese – though I haven't read enough about it to be sure. The thing that sparked my interest was noticing the absence of cheese (which I currently have lots of) and the addition of one day a week that they are calling a "cheat" day ... saying that removing the restrictions one day is supposed to prevent your metabolism from slowing to a crawl like I know mine has. Anyway, if you have heard about it or know anyone who is having success with it I would be interested to know. I may get the guy's book (Tim Ferriss) out of curiosity. I'm very intrigued.


  1. My husband and I started on this two weeks ago. I've been discussing it on my blog. I think it's too soon for us to attribute success or failure, however, we're giving it a try.

    You're right, dairy is very restricted, as are soy products. We do have beans a lot. I'm not having any trouble staying on it, although I haven't lost a lot of weight...again, it's pretty early on and I don't really have a lot of weight to lose (only about 10 lbs). My husband has a lot more to lose, and has lost about 5 lbs in 2 weeks.

    Tomorrow is our cheat day!

    The book is very interesting and not very expensive. I think it was about $13 from Amazon.

    I'll be continuing to talk about it, although it's not the sole focus of my blog.

  2. Very cool. I'm getting the book (and cookbook) for my Kindle today and think I might actually try this (at least to the extent that it makes sense).

    Binging until I'm sick doesn't make sense to me but maybe that is't something he actually recommend that in the book ... I have only read a few comments on the web so I'm calling them rumors until I read it myself.

    Cro has been telling me over and over that a day off of the counting and worrying over carbs and calories could be good for my metabolism.

    The things that I've heard about the 4-Hour Body book that did strike a cord with me was cheese (and maybe dairy in general) might be something to avoid for 6 days a week. Adding legumes is something I can try and take them back out if I think they are a problem. I know they are low glycemic.

    I'll definitely visit your blog again to see how you and your hubby are fairing with this.

    Thanks Grace!

  3. Believe it or not, he actually does recommend pigging out one day a week. He actually talks about he eats to the point of being sick, or how he eats over 6,000 calories on his pig out day. Anyway, when you read the book, you might get a slightly different take on this aspect of it. It's definitely interesting.

    I'm just not comfortable with the concept of eating until I'm sick, because of my history of starvation followed by binging and purging. I no longer ever feel the need to eat that way. The thought of bingeing is very distasteful to me.

    There is also a blog that Tim Ferriss has which is very interesting...especially one post on 1-21-11. There is some additional information in the comments from users, which were very helpful.

    We've only been on it two weeks, so I'll be continuing to post about it on my blog. The way I look at it, if it doesn't work, I can always go back to low cal, or something else.

    Good luck!


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