Wednesday, February 9, 2011

another busy day in a string of busy days

Hmm,  ... can I use that string of busy days like string theory and time travel?

The elevator stopped a bit late.
It was an 11 hour work day yesterday. It really should be Thursday by now. The elevator has done the jolty-stop thing twice so far this week. I took a quick pic of the elevator floor height versus the height of the floor where it tried to stop. It failed.

Maybe it's just perception but when I don't have time for anything other than a quick dinner and bed due to a long work day it makes me extra sleepy the next day. I got enough sleep ... but I didn't have enough day outside of working. And I'm pursuing another freelance design project, lol. I need to clone me.

[6 carbs] low carb ice cream
[2 carbs] pecans

[8 carbs] mojito chicken with onions and peppers

[2 carbs] grilled chicken and veggies
[2 carbs] Atkins PB cups

TOTAL 20 carbs for today


  1. You work too hard. Wait... let me rephrase that... YOU WORK TOO FREAKIN' HARD!

  2. I smiled at the first sentence and LOL'd at the all caps part. :) I do like me some free-time now and then but at least I'm really enjoying the current project. Music helps too!


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