Monday, February 7, 2011

Baked mojito chicken with onions

Baked Mojito Chicken with Onions & Peppers.
I hesitate to say that I adapted a recipe for baked chicken and onions yesterday and though I haven't tried it yet, I portioned out enough for lunch for the next three days and left the rest in a tupperware container for Cro. I'm hoping it will be very good since it smelled very good. I'll know when I heat some up for lunch today. The adaptation comes from substituting mojito mix for lemon juice and white wine which I did not have on hand. So if you want the real recipe, leave out the cup of mojito mix and use a fourth cup of lemon juice and half cup of white wine. But what fun is that? ;)

What I did:
• 2 medium onions sliced into rings [17 carbs]
• half cup of red, yellow and green bell pepper sliced into strips [10 carbs]
• a dusting of garlic powder (I probably used about 1 TBSP) [5 carbs]
• 4 chicken breast halves cut into strips (I cut each breast half into 4 strips)
• 1 cup of mojito mix - Bacardi [30 carbs]
• 1 TBSP lime juice [1 carb]
• paprika - I used about 2 tbsp [2 carbs]
• sea salt
• freshly cracked black pepper

Preheat over to 350 degrees.
Layer a casserole dish with half of the onion, pour the mojito mix and lime juice over the onions and dust all of that with 1 TBSP garlic powder. Dust the chicken with paprika, salt and pepper before layering strips over the onions. Finally top the chicken layer with the remaining onions and peppers. Pop it all into the hot oven for about 30 minutes but adjust the time as needed. Once the chicken is cooked through turn the broiler on high to give the veggies a few minutes of extra heat to brown them up a bit.

65 net carbs for the entire recipe. Six servings at 11 carbs per serving (if you drink all of the liquid). I'm going to guestimate each serving to be 8 carbs since I won't be slurping up the liquid.

Stay tuned to find out if it's good because I won't know until lunch

The verdict:
Wow, so good! Winner winner chicken dinner as Guy Fieri says. :) The chicken is moist and flavorful, I can definitely taste a touch of the mint as well as lime. The onions and peppers, paprika and black pepper back everything up with a bit of heat but not over the top. Yum!

[1 carb] sharp white cheddar cheese

[8 carbs] mojito chicken with onions and peppers

[0 carbs] bacon
[2 carbs] queso blanco
[6 carbs] low carb ice cream
[2 carbs] pecans

TOTAL 19 carbs for today


  1. nice job there ! I'm just now getting back into the low carb world myself. how have you been ?

  2. Sorry for the late reply but WELCOME BACK! :) I re-added your blog to my list of favs.


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