Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The view from my office window. Icy and
fairly desolate for a Tuesday morning.
Getting into the office today was a bit crazy. The roads were slick but that wasn't the problem. The challenge was that our office is right in the middle of a small area that the police are trying to completely block from thru-traffic. This traffic blockage will take place before, during and after the funeral services of an officer who was gunned down in Indy a few days ago. The services will be held at Conseco Fieldhouse which is just south of our building and traffic will be routed around the entire area. Thankfully I was early enough and the weather was bad enough that the usual load of traffic was much less than normal. I was able to sneak through to the back of our building and into the parking lot. Another guy who works here had to point from his car window at our building and tell one of the officers that he works right there in order to be let through. The casket was brought in at 7:15am, the funeral is supposed to begin at 10am and the big ice storm is supposed to start between 2 and 4pm. Hopefully sometime around 2 I can safely get out of here and head home to finish the work day.

Eating today is just another "ignore it" type of day. I find it is easy to eat very small portions until I get home from work. Then the battle begins. Hungry from a day of eating very little and wanting comfort from the day's stressful ordeal, all I want is to make something filling and to relax and forget about the stress until the next morning. Unfortunately I've come to learn that those moments of relaxation are short-lived and I normally feel better if I can get through them without caving to the comfort of a meal that – although low carb – fills me up a little too much. I just need to relearn what is satisfying I guess. Maybe satisfying could be a small meal that leaves me wanting more followed by a cup of hot tea. I think I'll try that tonight.
[0 carbs] bacon
[2 carbs] queso blanco

[6 carbs] LC ice cream

[12 carbs] LC ice cream with pecans
[3.5 carbs] 2 slices of LC pizza (Big Daddy D's crust)
[0 carbs] with ground beef and sausage topping
[1.5 carbs] with diced tomatoes and chilis topping
[3 carbs] with peppers and onions topping
[2 carbs] and cheese

TOTAL 30 carbs for today

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