Saturday, February 26, 2011

Week 2 4HB slow carb numbers

Critter's in his habitat in the background.
It's the end of week 2 on this slow carb plan and the beginning of the second planned cheat day. Oh, and a quick pic of the hair from last night's cut and highlights. :) I feel better. TGIS!

I had the most horrible dream last night. In the dream my dad's body had been gifted as a full body minus brain organ transplant for a friend who was dying. So it was my dad's body inhabited by his friend's brain ... and he showed up at mom's house to visit us. This was all kinds of disturbing and sad for me. He even sounded like dad at first, he was using dad's vocal cords after all. The longer he talked the more he didn't sound like dad at all and his looks began to change. The friend was younger than dad and in the dream dad's body began to grow younger to match. I woke up feeling very sad and also relieved that nothing like that is even possible. Dad's brain was as youthful as mine ... it was his body that didn't last through all the injustices it was put through over those last 2 years of hospital "care".
End of the week 4HB track record:

Recorded Saturday Feb 19, 2011
Last cheat day gain: +2 pounds
Week1 weight loss: -6 pounds

Recorded Saturday Feb 26, 2011
Week2 weight loss: -1 pounds
TOTAL loss so far: -5 pounds

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