Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A new era of less

The scale says I'm down 3lbs this morning. That means I've lost the 2 from the cheat day and an extra to boot. Things are going well with this new plan thus far. I'm still on the "new challenge" high I'm sure but I haven't missed cheese even though if you glance through my posts last week and probably every week prior to that you will notice that cheese was a staple of my diet. It was my go-to low carb snack, meal-enhancer, treat. I've mentioned before that I sometimes have trouble with lactose. I've often wondered if cheese was stalling me (even when my total for the day was 20 carbs or less).

Sometimes it doesn't take an expert to wake us up to a truth. It can be a suggestion from anywhere that "rings possible" and starts us to question something enough to change ... just to see what happens. So that's what I'm doing and I'm liking it so far. If nothing else comes of this experiment I've learned that I can get by just fine without that crutch. I think this is a new era of less cheese for me.

I've also not missed sugary-tasting (sugar substitute) things and I wonder if that will continue once the honeymoon of this new plan wears off. I imagine that depends on whether or not it proves effective over a longer haul than just the first week.

I've been drinking lots of water and though I only intended to reduce my diet soda consumption it turned out differently. I had several meetings yesterday and so chugged an 18oz bottle before they started. I was then kept occupied until about 3pm. After 3pm I looked at my empty drink container and unopened can of diet soda and thought hmm, if there is a possibility the sugar substitute is tricking my body into reacting as if it's sugar, why not go without it for the rest of the day? I mean I'd made it that far due to the meetings so why not take advantage of that unintentional boost. So I did. And I drank even more water.

And I found that not having diet soda all day wasn't as difficult as I imagined. Drinking nothing but water all day had me visiting the restroom about twice as much though. Does diet soda cause the body to have to "go" less? I don't know. Maybe it was just due to the quantity of water I was drinking. lol

I don't expect I will put a complete ban on diet soda every day but I do think reducing my consumption of it won't be a problem now that I'm committed to drinking water.

I'm cooking every night to put together meals for the next day and to stash some extras in the fridge if I make enough. That is freeing up my mind from wondering what I'm going to pack for lunch each morning and is quite nice. The restriction of Protein. Legume. Veggy. is also simplifying things.

pork shoulder, peppers&onions

12:30pm ... grr ... work delayed my meal so 5 hours
passed between breakfast and lunch. I need to get a pack
of peanuts to prevent that from ever happening again.
ground beef, black beans, salsa

chicken, red beans, onion&celery

pork shoulder, peppers&onions


  1. There's some pretty compelling data out there about the effects of diet soda on weight loss and appetite. My experience was that is WAS a big factor in me holding on to weight. I decided to take a month off of diet sodas, and that month turned into a year and a half. I've started drinking them again, but at a greatly reduced rate. Still, I think I'm gonna have to ditch them again in order to tame the scale.

  2. I hate that we can even have things that emulate what we want without paying in pounds. And why is that Rolling Stone's song in my head regarding not getting what you want but getting what you need. :P I want chocolate cake. I need beans I guess.

  3. I think the diet soda makes me retain that 'bloated' look, whereas ,when we drink water and 'visit the bathroom', we know the water is going right through us... Interesting theory.

    Congrats on your weight loss. I lost four pounds last week and just started up my blog again. Please take a look when you get the chance :


  4. The water certainly is going through me fast ... lol. I've never had to go this often. Grats to you too. Four pounds is a big deal! I'll definitely check out your blog again.

  5. Congrats on the weight loss! That's a wonderful success, especially so early on in doing this program.

    A few days ago, I decided to give up fake sugar too, for the same reason you gave: the possibility the sugar substitute is tricking my body into reacting as if it's sugar. So I've been drinking lots of water instead of diet pop. (I think diet pop also has sodium, which would make you retain water.)

    And 4HB also recommends lemon in your water. On page 144, Tim discusses the Gl lowering effect of lemon juice. Then on page 147 he specifically says to experiment with cinnamon and lemon juice just prior to or during meals. And adding lemon to the water seems to make it more palatable.

  6. Thanks Grace. That reminds me that I've forgotten to take my vitamins! Taking them as soon as I finish this post. Since he recommends fresh lemon juice and not from the bottle I'll need to add that to my shopping list. I don't know how they'll be since I won't be adding sugar substitute but I'll give it a try. Reading about cinnamon and cayanne pepper were just a couple more things that made me believe this might work. I completely agree!


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