Thursday, February 10, 2011

no internet no cry

Comcast clipped our cable wire when they were working on the neighbor's line yesterday. Both our house and the neighbor's house lines run from the same pole. So lovely, Cro and I get home last night and we have neither internet nor cable TV. I hope they get it put back in place before tonight but since Cro's lunch break might not coincide with when Comcast is available to do the work, we may have an evening of reading (me) and playing with the iPad (him).

Crazy vivid dream last night about being in Yellowstone park (which lifted 10 inches recently due to a bulge in the underlying supervolcano ... sort of like the scary elevator I deal with every morning but on a much larger scale).

In the dream someone left a used fast food bag next to one of my Jeep tires, positioned so that when I pulled out of my parking space I would squash the bag and all of it's contents. Even though it was used I could tell that it was full of all sorts of nasty things that I didn't want splashed onto my Jeep. So I moved the bag to be placed under the culprits' vehicle tire rather than mine. And ZAP ... I was arrested by the park police for littering.

My punishment was to run the ticket office without my shirt. What??? Why do I dream something like that? That is much worse than dreaming I went to work in my pajamas and without shoes. Yellowstone doesn't even have a ticket office that I know of. I haven't been there since I was 13 so if there was I wasn't concerned about tickets, money and all that. I just wanted to see Old Faithful! Oh, and that reminds me of another part of the dream. All of the power went out but as I looked around seeing building and sidewalk lights going out I remember thinking that it's okay because Old Faithful doesn't need power. :)

Maybe a combination of us not having cable last night combined with past episodes of The Biggest Loser seeped into my dreams. I often feel anxiety for those girls who have to strip down to a sports bra and the big guys who have to go shirtless for their weigh-ins.

I fried some paprika dusted boneless, skinless chicken breasts in olive oil last night (no breading of course). Yum! That's what I had for dinner, breakfast today and what I brought for lunch.

[2 carbs] paprika chicken
[1 carb] queso blanco cheese

[3 carbs] paprika chicken
[3 carbs] cheese

[2 carbs] bacon
[2 carbs] queso blanco
[2 carbs] Atkins PB cups

TOTAL 15 carbs for today

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