Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice Storm Pizza

I made a low carb pizza last night after taking a detour to the grocery for some ice storm shopping (which I always make fun of people for doing, lol). My excuse was that the ice hadn't started yet and I felt the need to make something to take for lunches so I wouldn't have to do last-minute planning.

Here's what I made and it was very good:

Crust (Big Daddy D's recipe)

diced tomato and chilies rather than pizza sauce
a bag of frozen diced peppers and onions
ground beef mixed with Jimmy Dean ground sausage (hot)
mozzarella cheese mixed with parmesan cheese

My pizza turned out to make 12 slices (I doubled the crust recipe but had a smaller pan so it was thick crust). Since Big Daddy D's crust recipe was 20 carbs I doubled that too and divided by 12 and rounded up. :) There should be plenty of pizza for both Cro and I to enjoy for several days.

I also bought some boneless, skinless chicken breasts with idea of either making a low carb chicken pot pie or chicken soup. It may just turn out to be grilled chicken with veggies since I'm not sure what other ingredients I have on hand. The chicken went into the freezer for now since there is so much pizza.

I went to bed last night thinking there would be no way I'd be driving into work today considering the icy road conditions, but guess what. Here I am at work. It's past 9am and no one else is here yet. Lonely and quiet and frankly a bit chilly.
[6 carbs] LC ice cream

[2 carbs] 1 slice of LC pizza (Big Daddy D's crust)
[0 carbs] with ground beef and sausage topping
[1 carbs] with diced tomatoes and chilis topping
[1.5 carbs] with peppers and onions topping
[1 carbs] and cheese

[20 carbs] Dreamfield's pasta (ugh)
[4 carbs] cheese

TOTAL 35.5 carbs for today

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  1. Interesting pizza base recipe... Wish I could find some low-carb pasta! ;o)


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