Sunday, February 20, 2011

recap and on to week two of slow carb

Up early for a weekend day, following the rules and eating the first meal within an hour of waking up. I might go ahead and get some chores done while I'm up ... I need to go to the grocery to get a few cans of beans for this week's meals (and not forget them this time!) and several anaheim peppers for Cro to make Chili Verde out of that huge Boston Butt I bought Friday. I will also stop by the pet store and get Buddy some Blue Buffalo cat food which I've been wanting to try with that finicky eater and more bedding and a bag of food for the critter.

My prescribed cheat day was interesting in that I didn't have the appetite nor ability to eat as much as I initially thought I wanted. That's good though. The night before I read that the cheat day shouldn't last more than 12 hours so I tried to keep myself busy with other things until after 10am so that I could enjoy some popcorn with a late movie at home later.

I had Girl Scout cookies but didn't want the ice cream that I planned to have with them. Cro and I ate at a place called Chef Mike's charcoal grill for our date lunch. Chef Mike grills almost everything on a super huge charcoal grill. I had a tenderloin sandwich (the chef makes his own bread too) and a side of breaded onion rings which were to-die for. I couldn't finish anything so we took a lot of it home for Cro to have on another day.

I had purchased a small chocolate sheet cake to satisfy desire created by having to pass on cake at every office celebration. After cutting a serving that wasn't any bigger than what a serving at the office would be I was only able to eat three bites. Maybe it tastes good to the office people because it is something to take their minds off of work for a few moments. I guess either Cro will have sheet cake to eat this week or one of us can take it in to work on Monday.

For dinner I had Dreamfield's low-carb pasta with cheese and was only able to eat a third of my serving of that!!! I was going to eat one of the Valentine's Day chocolates that I gave Cro but after eating half of a thumb-print sized chocolate-mint I didn't even want the rest of that.

Later that evening Being Human was on the BBC America channel. I love that series so much! I made popcorn that I didn't want all of.

So in conclusion, though I did have a variety of cheat foods I was surprised that I didn't want all that much. Oh! And the craziest thing to me was that I didn't even want my diet soda until near the end of the day and only made myself have one so that I wouldn't mourn drinking only water for the entire next week. Diet Root Beer with Splenda which was actually quite good but I'm happy that I so easily did without it for so long. :)

Okay, on to the next week of meat, beans, veggy and I'm excited and hopeful to see if I end up with a loss by next Saturday morning. I'm going to do without diet soda again until Saturday and don't think I will have any trouble doing that at all.

ground beef, onions & red pepper flakes

12:30pm ... not hungry
pulled pork, diced onion&celery

ground beef, black beans, onions&celery

pulled pork, red beans, onions


  1. Last night we went for Italian, and I ordered my favorite pasta. I didn't eat any bread or butter beforehand, because I didn't want to spoil my enjoyment of the pasta. But, even though it was SO delicious, I could only eat about 5 bites.

    On the way home, we stopped for ice cream and I only got one scoop, which to be honest I really didn't even want that much. Something very weird is going on...weird but GOOD! :-)

  2. It is an odd phenomenon. It's very interesting though! I wonder if it will continue or if our appetites will come back.

  3. I wanted to make some chili (with beans that came in a can.) I was surprised at the amount of carbs in one cup ! Do you know the breakdown carbwise of a good recipe using beans but one that is low carb ? thanks


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