Wednesday, February 16, 2011

slow-carb details and contemplating the "cheat day"

I'm still liking this slow-carb way of eating. I made two different types of meals last night and packed them all into single-serving Tupperware for easy grab and go lunches. The meals are required to be simple, consisting of one type of protein, one legume and veggy (the veggy can be a mix of more than one but has to be low-carb). Spices are allowed but no cream sauces. It's also recommended to eat the same few meals over and over so my photo entries are soon to become boring as you see the same thing time and again.

There are more rules but I'll just mention those for the blog entry today ... I think I've been typing a wall of text for the last few entries, lol.

No weight loss this morning, well .4 but I like to hold off until I can count the whole pounds.

I had a little internal conflict last night regarding the water consumption. I don't like having to "go" this often and I miss my diet soda. On the other hand drinking LOTS of water makes me feel like I'm being proactive in achieving better health and weight loss. Every time I drink I find myself drinking lots more than what I'd need to satisfy my thirst ... forcing myself to gulp a few more times. Every glass of water feels like a job well done.

Oddly, or maybe not, I'm looking forward to having diet soda on my cheat day. I just bought new flavors with Splenda for my Soda Stream and haven't yet tried any of them.

I'm sure I will precede every meal with a big glass of water. It's not right labeling it a cheat day when it's a recommended day of no rules. I don't know what else to call it though. You may be wondering what I plan to have on that day. Don't read the next paragraph if talking about the forbidden foods makes you uncomfortable!! I don't want to make anyone else's diet more difficult.

On the cheat day I think I will have a Valentine chocolate from the heart I gave Cro. Lunch will be my normal date with Cro at a restaurant, the difference being that I won't have to pick a low-carb side like steamed veggies. Maybe I'll even pick potato! No, I've done without potatoes for so long that they don't even call to me anymore. For dinner I plan to have Dreamfield's pasta. lol, I know, why go with low-carb pasta? Well, it's my cheat day and if I want the low-carb pasta I can have it. :P My really bad thing will likely be ice cream with crumbled Girl Scout cookie on top.

But until then, I'm liking this slow-carb plan and think it's something I could stick to for a long while ... if it yields healthy results! The jury is still out on that one. I think this drinking water habit is a keeper even if I go back to normal low-carb.

chicken, red beans, onion&celery

ground beef, black beans, salsa

chicken, red beans, onion&celery

ground beef, black beans, salsa


  1. Yesterday at work I had to visit the ladies room about 10 times, and I had to get up 3 times last night to pee. Right now I'm drinking water with lemon. But on Saturday, I will have my favorite...Diet Dr. Pepper! :-)

    I agree, I wish there was a different name for cheat day. Maybe we can come up with a new name without the "negative" connotations. I've been just thinking of calling it "Rest Day."

  2. A new name for the cheat day would be good. :) Maybe I'll just call it the prescribed day off.

    I hear you regarding the ladies room. I know I will have gone at least 10 times before the day is over and I also have to get up multiple times during the night. I went back to bed thirsty because I didn't want to drink something and have to get up again in an hour.

    One of the Soda Stream flavors I haven't tried yet is their version of diet Dr. Pepper. :)


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